Combine NFT with GOLD


Lot's of people wants to live in a golden world. How much jewelry do you buy in gold? And why do you choose gold?

Owning gold now can be an excellent way to diversify a portfolio and protect against both inflation and deflation. As a universal store of value, gold can also offer financial security during times of macroeconomic and geopolitical unpredictability.

What about NFT?

Since an NFT enables the buyer to retain ownership of the original item, Additionally, it has built-in authentication that serves as an ownership confirmation. The "digital bragging rights" are almost more valuable to collectors than the actual item.

With my NFT collections I have unlockable content for the new owner. Sometimes NFT owners just want that unlockable content. How exciting. What would it be?

Of all the metals, gold is the most pliable. It won't tarnish, corrode, or rust. 24k pure gold is too soft to be used to produce jewelry since it is readily bent. It cannot withstand normal wear. To make gold stronger, it is alloyed—or mixed—with other metals like silver, copper, zinc, and nickel. The quantity of alloys combined with gold affects the hue of the metal. Depending on how much of the alloy—silver, copper, and zinc—is added to the yellow gold, the hue will change. White gold is created by alloying it with nickel, copper, and zinc. The 24ths used to represent the letter K stand for karats. For instance, 18k gold indicates that there has 75% gold content (18/24). An alloy makes up the remaining 25 percent.
The carat weight of the jewelry determines how much it costs in gold. Jewelry that has a higher carat weight is more brilliant and costs more money. The cost of gold changes every day. As is the case with all works of art and collectibles, an NFT is only valuable in the eyes of the buyer and their circle of friends. And with time, an NFT develops more of its own personality as a result of things like who has owned it and how they have utilized it.
But actually that is with every product in the store. People attach value to an item. Remember that some people just like to buy NFT from random people. Everyone can access your NFT. Your fans, your boss, your friends, strangers, rich or poor. So don't be surprised if someone buys your NFT for 50 ETH

Why Golden NFT ? Does everyone get gold with the purchase of my collection? I can't say anything about it yet. But my buyers will definitely get a "golden" upgrade.  It depends of course which Nft item they buy. However, I am directly a personal coach for them. I value my buyers. And this gold collection is for everyone who wants an upgrade in life.

I wanted to write more in this article. But then I'll reveal the unlockable content. So I'll keep it short. And will tell more about this collection soon.

Through Linkedin I have my first nft auction. No idea if people would be interested. To my surprise, however, a group soon gathered.

By yvonne Padmos

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, NFT, Project Management

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