ASQ World Conference: Quality and Improvement, May 2021 - Peter F Gallagher Speaking on Change


10 Change Management Lessons Learned Leaders SHOULD Know

This year at @ASQ WCQI, attendees will learn how to assess, increase, and leverage their expertise in the quality arena. I’ll be presenting Change Management Lessons Learned Leaders SHOULD Know.

“Change waits for no leader and the skills required for leading day-to-day operations are very different to change leadership”

#WCQI2021 is a great opportunity for any quality professional. Whether you are new to the quality community or bring years of experience, the 2021 agenda will help guide you to realise your impact on your organisation’s transformation.

Change Management Supporting Sustainable Quality and Improvement Initiatives


  1. Change Definition
  2. Secure Sponsorship and Resources
  3. Access Previous Change
  4. Develop a Detailed Change Plan
  5. Communication the Change
  6. Change Readiness
  7. Manage Resistance
  8. Develop New Skills and Behaviours
  9. Adoption
  10. Sustain and Close

(a) Change Leadership Alignment must be completed before the change journey starts

(b) Using Change Management Gamification to develop change leadership skills and knowledge

(c) Summary and Practical Take-Aways


Practical Takeaways

  1. Organizational change management is a game changer for success project delivery
  2. Proactive sponsorship and leadership alignment critical success factors
  3. To achieve future organisational change management success, assess previous change
  4. There will always be resistance
  5. The leadership team needs to be aligned
  6. Change leadership skills can be developed through gamification

Conference Theme Details:

Celebrating Quality: Past, Present and Future: Encompassing more than manufacturing integrity, today’s concept of quality represents an enterprise-wide philosophy encompassing all facets of organisational excellence. In recognition of the vital connection between excellence, digital transformation, and deep cultural improvement, WCQI 2021 showcases quality’s myriad contributions to organisational excellence, and celebrates 75 years of bringing quality professionals together to explore quality’s distinctive ability to transform people, processes, and organisations.

The 2021 conference agenda will offer actionable strategies and deep insights into organisational excellence, disruptive technologies, leadership and change management, and quality fundamentals. Attendees will come away with vital tools and tactics to affect change, increase value, and drive their organisations toward quality goals.

Further Details:

Status: no in-person attendance

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By Peter F Gallagher

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