Agile20Reflect Festival


The Vision of the Festival is “A worldwide Festival, celebrating 20 years of Agile and building bridges for the future”

The main purpose of the Festival is to bring agilists from all over the world together to celebrate the signing of the Agile Manifesto. The Festival will have three main themes:

1. The History and Origin of Agile
2. The Current State of Agile
3. Future Possibilities for Agile

The Festival aims to attract and invite agilists of all backgrounds, fields and experiences together, to collaboratively create events that openly explore the Agile phenomenon which changed the world. We hope to enable, encourage and support professionals and learners to collaborate in reflection; understand and learn from our experiences and; visualise, record and archive information for the future. We further aim to celebrate and rebuild the community and energise the next generation to further develop ideas and methods through respectful dialogue, debate and design.

This is not a conference or an event – it is a Festival where participants from all over the world are encouraged to design and submit an event that is of interest to them. These events can be local, regional or global. They can be in-person or virtual. They can take the shape (please do not limit your thinking) of, inter alia:

• 10 Minute TED Talks
• Moderated Debates
• Hackathons
• Open Space
• Book Club
• Soapboxes
• Coaching
• Collaboration
• Experimentation
• Research

The events will be hosted by the organiser but will be advertised centrally. Please go to to propose an event.

We are also reaching out to established agile communities to join us with their membership e.g. Meetups, Global Communities, etc.

The success of this Festival will largely rely on its open source nature as well as its global impact. We are reaching out to all four corners of the globe and asking that Ambassadors volunteer to drive and promote the Festival in their region. If you wish to grow the agile community in your region then please complete an Ambassador application at

For more general information and to follow us on social media, please go to:
Twitter: @Agile20Reflect

By Karl A L Smith

Keywords: Agile, Future of Work, Leadership

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