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Ben Holfeld

SF AI Studio Lead at Accenture

San Francisco, United States

Ben Holfeld leads the SF AI Studio and is solving complex business challenges with Data & AI, Design Thinking & Innovative Solutioning. He has a profound scientific-technological and business-management background and his main strengths are problem-solving, creativity, perseverance and a focused-efficient work style.

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: San Francisco
Speaking Topics: AI, XR, Crypto

Ben Holfeld Points
Academic 5
Author 64
Influencer 872
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 0
Total 941

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Company Information

Company Type: Enterprise
Business Unit: SF AI Studio
Theatre: North America
Minimum Project Size: $100,000+
Average Hourly Rate: $300+
Number of Employees: 100,000+
Company Founded Date: 1989

Areas of Expertise

AI 30.83
Analytics 32.48
AR/VR 44
Big Data
Design Thinking
Digital Twins
Innovation 30.04
IoT 30.03

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Travel & Transportation


4 Article/Blogs
Innovation Methods - Demystified
April 27, 2017
I keep hearing of so many new “methods” lately on how to innovate and how to create something new. At a closer look they don’t seem so different to me and I wondered why people think its a brand-new way of doing things. So in order to demystify this, I took some simple verbs and wrote what I usually do when I create something new:

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Tags: AI, AR/VR, Innovation

AR/VR, AI & IOT Demystified
January 13, 2017
News about tech nowadays is full of mysterious buzzwords that everyone in the industry keeps using while few actually have a clear understanding. Marketing is probably playing a big role in making some common technology sound really amazing and mystical. It started with calling all servers in the world as "The Cloud". It's gone so far that some people actually believe there is some magic invisible cloud in the sky where all their photos and messages live. Since data extrapolation and linear regression doesn't sound very sexy, we are now hearing the term AI or Artificial Intelligence more and more.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR, IoT

Apple vs. Pebble - Which Watch to Wear?
September 18, 2014
If you use an iPhone, there currently aren't very many options for choosing a Smartwatch. Actually the only valid iPhone-Watch you can buy right now is the Pebble Watch.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR

Apple's Big Day is coming...
September 18, 2014
The release of a new iPhone has always been a huge deal in news and media around the world. Like no other company, Apple again has created an unprecedented secrecy and curiosity that will probably lead to the largest tech product announcement Apple has ever made.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR

1 Book
Apple Books
September 01, 2019
When you first open the book a rush of anticipation fills you. Where will the story go? Can the protagonist win? Will I emerge a changed person on the other side? As a reader you sometimes have to read between the lines to find the deeper meaning. But what if there ARE NO LINES?! What is the author trying to tell us? This is a book that raises more questions than tried to answer them. What an experience!

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Tags: AI, Analytics, AR/VR

1 Journal Publication
Two-photon luminescence imaging of cancerous tissue using gold nanorods as bright contrast agents
June 21, 2007

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Tags: HealthTech

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