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Arjen Van Berkum

CEO at Dividos

Delft, Netherlands

I am a firm believer in business ecosystems. As (in)formal investor I am committed to realizing goals by the companies I am part of. I believe in leveraging and sharing knowledge and spreading the next steps.

The core of my being is about sharing not about hoarding. So I am always open for a chat on opportunities and always open to speak.

I combine technological and social innovation to drive disruption, based on a creative mindset, always out there to change and move forward......

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Delft, Netherlands

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Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Contract Management
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Digital Transformation
Emerging Technology
Future of Work 30.09
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Financial Services & Banking
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5 Article/Blogs
When labour gets commoditised
February 08, 2019
Recently I was triggered by something Han Mesters from ABN AMRO said on LinkedIn, referring to an article about commoditisation in broad sense. The thing he emphasised in his post was the commoditisation of labour. Interesting topic. I think it is vital to talk about the future of work; where are we heading, on what should organisations and people anticipate? It is important for organisations to think about the impact of economic, societal and technological developments and what the consequences are for its operational model and its workforce if they dont want to be fully disrupted.

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Tags: AI, Future of Work

The robotics evolution: what will work look like in the future?
December 07, 2018
Automation and robotics create great opportunities, but Human Resources (HR) needs to engage in a much more active conversation within their own organisation. It is not interesting to see automation as a cost issue, rather focus on improving your service and customer experience. In a Dutch article I elaborate on the fact that practically no one is actively asking what work will look like and which skills sets will be important for employees. Organisations should proactively approach people with this line of questioning. Line management is opportunistic, and especially concerned with the short-term result. It is crucial for HR to take the lead in the future of work discussion.

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Tags: AI, Future of Work

How to recognise the right business model for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
March 13, 2018
Lately I have been delving into the different business models for Robotic Process Automation, or as its called in short: RPA. How are these RPA business models implemented, how are suitable processes identified and how are the services charged? Most important, why do RPA projects fail most of the time, although they initially seemed to be with high potential. In this blog I will elaborate on which processes are suited for current state RPA and explain how I think they should be implemented. In closing I will dive into the remuneration of the RPA provider.

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Tags: AI

Grow up, start to use advanced business intelligence
November 29, 2017
Big data has been hot topic for a while now. Still, many organisations are behind when it comes to the optimal usage of business intelligence (BI). Its often used on a low-key basis, because organisations are often reluctant in investing in the right tools and skills. The right interpretation of data can mitigate risks and deliver opportunities. Not only the lack of knowledge on management level, but also the bias on data IT departments have to deal with limits organisations in answering to market demand. In 2018 its time for organisations to move over to a next level if they want to avoid complete disruption by competitors. What are the trends to follow and to incorporate in the BI strategy for next year, thus most likely to invest in?

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Tags: AI, Big Data

Are you ready for the future of workplaces?
October 21, 2017
Since the sixties, the traditional way of living has changed. The frivolous Dolly Parton song From nine to five, is no longer applicable to current workplace environments. Having time off in the evening and weekends is also not that obvious. By 2020 50% of the workforce will be millennials. They want to work, shop, sleep or relax randomly, which requires a more individual approach in the offered scale of options. With that said, how do we manage across generations and how does mobility play a role in the flexibility of the future workplace?

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Tags: AI, Future of Work



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