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Adam Strong

Founder at The Game Changers

Windsor, United Kingdom

Adam is known as the ‘Game Changer’, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Founder of ‘The Game Changers Experience’ podcast. He currently runs 3 different businesses and works with business leaders and entrepreneurs in the professional services industry to help them go from confusion to clarity to create exponential growth through his 12 month mastermind.

Adam is a Former Elite Athlete that trained with Olympic and World Champion Sir Mo Farah for 3 years. He takes the same skill-set that he learned as an elite athlete to teach his clients on how to increase profitability by building purpose led, results orientated and impactful businesses. He is the best selling author of three books ‘Move it or lose it’, ’Fit body fit business’ and ‘Play the game’.

Adam has a chart trending podcast show called ‘The Game Changers Experience’ sharing tips and insights with business disruptors, thought leaders and experts.

Adam is hugely passionate about helping his clients in growing and scaling their businesses in a fast and strategic way. Tying that with helping people he believes is a great catalyst to creating results and success in life.

Adam is champion for supporting women and became the ‘Best Man’ for supporting women in business 2016. He has been featured the front cover of Influential People Magazine, Steer Magazine and Global Man magazine, BBC radio, the Huffington post, in People Management magazine, Forbes, CIO, Edge, HR Director and DiversityQ. He has interviewed influencers and thought leaders such as Jack Canfield, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr John Demartini, Chester Elton, Evan Carmichael & Olympic athletes such Neil Fachie, Jonathan Horton and Kate Strong. He has shared the stage with celebrities such as John Travolta, Vanilla Ice, Calvin Klein, 50 cent and Dr Nido Qubein.

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Available For: Advising, Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: United Kingdom, Sweden or Cyprus
Speaking Topics: How to build a tribe that buys, Building high performance teams the Olympic way, Increase your energy management

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2 Article/Blogs
Authenticity opens the gateway to creating human connection
Adam Strong
July 13, 2022
Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to connect with their audience. A connected audience turns into loyal clients, translating that into repeating business. A group of loyal clients turns them into tribal members, representing your brand and selling you.

Being authentic portrays your true identity by sharing your core values, what's important to you and your business and will magnetise clients that want to do business with you.

Click on the link for more details

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture, Entrepreneurship

It’s it just me, has the shift hit the fan?
Adam Strong
May 26, 2022
The World is going through some interesting times and we've all been going through our own challenges both in business, personal and family problems.

And I've been feeling it

Is it the lunar moons? A shift in energy?

Let's look at how to deal with the shifts

Make your comments below

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

2 Books
Play the game Audiobook
Panoma Press
January 19, 2022
Listen to the best selling book of 'Play the book' endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith and foreword written by NYT best selling author Chester Elton

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture, Entrepreneurship

Play the Game: How to Win in Today’s Changing Environment
Panoma Press
October 20, 2021

Has your business plateaued, or are you feeling stuck? Play the Game outlines 18 strategies from game-changing leaders and disruptors on how to break the cycle that stunts your business growth.

Topics include franchising, healing, sales, leadership, adversity, communication, mentorship and accountability.


Adam Strong
Akhtar Khan
Allan Kleynhans
Branka van der Linden
Chris Cooper
Darrell Wayne Irwin
David Burgess
Don Sandel
Dr. Mehdi Ettehadulhagh
Haroon Danis
Heather Margaret Barrie
Hilary Humphrey
Karel Vermeulen
Michael Robison
Sarah Franklin
Stefan Tonnon
Stephen Carter
Vicky Poole

#Playthegame #leadership #entrepreneurship

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

1 IP Asset
Get Your Business Growth Blueprint Here
Adam Strong
January 31, 2022
Looking to grow and scale your company, get your business growth blueprint score. The blueprint is a great tool to provide feedback on improvements for growth.

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

2 Keynotes
Build a tribe that buys
Introbiz Sweden
May 18, 2022
Adam Strong will be featured as one of the keynote speakers at the Introbiz expo event in Stockholm on May 20th 2022. He will share why a tribe is important, why people join tribes and what you can do to build your own tribe.

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Tags: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

The Game Changers Summit 2022
The Game Changers Summit
December 06, 2021
The game changers summit is the number one personal development digital summit of the year. Do you want to 10 X Your Momentum And Create Exponential Growth Without Sacrificing Your Freedom? Join the World's elite thought leaders in this free summit. January 21-23 2022

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

9 Podcasts
The Secrets To Launching a Globally Ranked Podcast
Adam Strong
December 08, 2022
Today we celebrate a massive milestone with 200 episodes and our host for today is Christopher Salem. Chris is an amazing mentor, speaker and authentic lead leader. I’ve known Chris for the best part of six years sharing various speaking stages. He is a radio show host for sustainable success, influencer and award winning strategist.

In today’s show Chris will be interviewing Adam Strong (our regular host) who is a best selling author, business strategist and podcast host of the global chart trending podcast the game changers experience.

Value bombs from this week's episode

Learn how to launch your own globally ranked podcast (even if you have zero experience) Discover future plans of the game changers experience The big takeaways of hosting a globally ranked podcast How the game changers experience is different from other podcasts How to use the podcast as a way to take your learning to the next level ABOUT THE GUEST

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY: Get your copy of the best selling book 'Play the game' all you have to do is leave a review on Apple or Spotify, email me with a screenshot and send me your mailing address to (UK ONLY) For those outside the UK, will send you the digital version direct to your inbox.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Marketing

How to go viral on TikTok
Adam Strong
August 23, 2022
This weeks guest on the show is with Rachel Pederson also known as the queen of social media and an expert of all things social media. Rachel is a digital marketing strategist and loves working with entrepreneurs to create disruptive and to creative campaigns to achieve exponential growth.

She has shared stages with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy just to mention a few. She has a new book coming out called ‘Unfiltered’ and is the podcast host of Social media secrets.

Value bombs from this weeks episode

The catalyst from single mom living on welfare to successful entrepreneur
Learn how TikTok is different from other social media platforms
Learn about the misconceptions of TikTok
New on TikTok? Here are five quick tips
How to create marginal gains for experienced TikTok users

Listen to the full episode by subscribing and listening below

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Startups

The Values Compass
Adam Strong
August 09, 2022
This week's guest on the show is with Mandeep Rai who is the Author of ’The Values Compass’ what 101 countries teach us about purpose, life and leadership. In 2021, she was the top thinker to watch (Thinkers 50).

Value bombs from this week's episode

1) How to dissect and breakdown a specific type of value according to country.

2) How can businesses and leaders use this powerful info on values to be more effective?

3) The one country that really fascinated Mandeep

4) What is a value?

5) What Mandeep is observing and how she is documenting to define the one value that relates to each specific country

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Tags: Culture, Leadership, Management

From Business to Buddha
Adam Strong
June 07, 2022
This week's guest on the game changers experience podcast show is with Doug Gordon who is a keynote speaker, radio host, healer, coach and business consultant.

Prior, Doug had spent 21 years in the investment World as an investment head for some of the largest fund managers in the World. He grew an asset management business from $50 million p.a to $1.75 billion over 6 years.

Value bombs from this week's episode
1) How Doug went from the investment world to healing
2) The importance of asking permission in relationships
3) Why energy matters
4) What is client mapping and how to use it
5) How Doug landed Dell computers as a client

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

The seismic shift in leadership with Michelle Johnston
Adam Strong
May 17, 2022
This week's guest on the show is with Dr. Michelle Johnston who is an executive coach with over 20 years' experience, and she was named to the prestigious 100 Coaches Group which consists of the top executive coaches around the world. She has her Ph.D in Communication from Louisiana State University, and her new book, The Seismic Shift in Leadership, shares what she has learned in her years as an executive coach: primarily that connection — with yourself, your team, and your organization — is the key to a leader's success.

Value bombs from this week's episode

1) What does it mean seismic shift in leadership?
2) Learn between connection and communication
3) Discover where leaders get it wrong
4) How leaders can use connection to retain their best employees and attract top talent
5) Discover how connection can be used in a hybrid way of working

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management

Creating Connection with Adam Strong
Adam Strong
May 04, 2022
This week's guest on the show is with our host Adam Strong.
To celebrate 150 episodes of the game changers experience he wanted to share a solo episode on the power of building connection.

Adam is a Best Selling Author, Business Strategist and Former Elite Athlete. He specialises in working with professional service based companies in discovering their purpose to unlock profitability.

Value s from this week's episode:
What is connection?
How to create connection?
Why connection is important?
How to use connection to grow a business in the digital world
Learn how content creation can be used to build connection

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management

How to upgrade your morning
Adam Strong
April 19, 2022
This week's guest on the show is with Ryan Cote who is the podcast host and founder of the ‘Morning Upgrade’ a business dedicated to raising the importance of morning routines and personal development.

Ryan is the co-owner of a marketing agency, roofing company and is a real estate investor.

Value bombs from this week's episode

1) Learn about the importance of a morning routine
2) How to get a morning routine set up
3) Discover how to create habits using self discipline
4) What is a personal gap and its importance
5) Recommendations to enhance your morning routine

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness, Mental Health

The Game Changers Experience Podcast
June 25, 2020
The game changers experience podcast is voted in the top 3% globally. Listen to some the World's top leaders and business disruptors such as Marshall Goldsmith, Dr John DeMartini, Jack Canfield just to mention a few. Subscribe and give us a listen

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Tags: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

The Game Changers Experience
Adam Strong
June 17, 2020
When I was young I suffered from Alopecia, bullying and low confidence. Eleven years of age was a special time in my life I got my first taste of entrepreneurship searching and rescuing lost golf balls where I quickly learned negotiation and sales. I’d also got into distance running and in less than eighteen months I overcame asthma, was competing with some of the best athletes in the country and trained with the current World and Olympic Champion Sir Mo Farah.

Using the skills I learnt from athletics and entrepreneurship I now help others break their plateaus and go from confusion to clarity to create exponential growth to achieve purpose, profit and impact.

This podcast is simple, to have real life conversations, share insights, tips and tactics with you from business disruptors, thought leaders and experts. I’m going to share what’s on my mind, the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and the latest business tools and strategies.
This is the game changers experience, I’m Adam Strong. Get your notebook and pen handy and prepare to take it to the next level.

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YouTube: (
Instagram: (

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing

1 Profile
Connect with me on LinkedIn
Adam Strong
February 01, 2013
Love building relational capital, has my profile peeked your interest? Let's connect on LinkedIn

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management

1 Speaking Engagement
Adam Strong Speaker Reel
January 08, 2020
Looking for a speaker to create thriving teams and business culture? Want to increase productivity and growth look no further

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management

1 Workshop
Create And Launch Your Own Digital Summit
Adam Strong
June 27, 2022
Have you got a compelling message but find it difficult to cut through the noise?
Are you a speaker and find it hard to attract speaking opportunities?

As we have transitioned to a hybrid way of working, digital summits are a great way to get your message out, get visibility and make an impact globally.

When the pandemic hit I had to be proactive, all my speaking engagements dried up and I knew that everyone would approach event organisers to move digitally. Which is where I had this ahaha moment, why struggle to and use the same approach as everybody else when I can make my own opportunities.
This is how I managed to launch our first summit. Thirty two speakers over thirty days pre-recorded, idea to execution in only 7 weeks (plus we had a newborn baby in between). The results 2147 leads, £50,000 in revenue and on the front cover of a big magazine all with zero experience and zero ad spend.

I've made so many mistakes and struggled but now two years later, three summits later we have generated over 5000 leads, £100,000 in extra sales and huge results with clients. We have designed a framework to help you launch yours.

Join Adam Strong on his masterclass training on how to create and launch your own digital summit.
We will cover how to create your vision, how to craft your message, how to build a tribe of raving fans, how to piggy back off influencers enhancing your own brand and more.

Interested in learning more click on the link below
#masterclass #speaker #visibility

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

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Employees are not motivated by money they are motivated by a vision. Building a tribe that buys into your vision will help create connection, trust and unity. Learn how to create tribe with your customers and teams in this keynote speech

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