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Luigi Cappel

Writer in Chief at SoLoMo Consulting Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand

My lifetime passion is helping people, business and government to work smarter using today's communications and technology to create the world we want to live in. When I was 8 and my parents asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, my answer was "I want to help people".

I focused on this through my career helping people and companies solve problems, business improvement and developing as best of breed in their business. I am very good at analogous problem solving and out of box thinking. This has led me to my latest passion where you will find me creating 2 projects in the NFT world, one in music and the other in fine arts.

I have spent most of my successful career to date in Leadership roles with direct responsibility for communications, stakeholder relationships, product segments, projects, sales, operations and managing teams of staff from 1-32 people in a variety of roles, including direct reports, People Leaders and Reseller Networks.

I like to engage and to pay it forward. As well as working with individuals and groups, my contribution has included everything from leadership in large societies such as President NZ Wireless & Broadband Forum, Vice President SMEINZ, Auckland ICT Cluster, Founder of the Casio World VAR Association, President Glenfield Music Centre, and President of Auckland Land Yacht Club which won the Americas Cup of Land Yachting.

I keep pace with new media and keep my skill levels and knowledge current in evolving areas of communication such as digital, social media and print; particularly in influencing people, whether it is promoting products, services or more ambiguous situation where the service is free, such as real time travel information, but the demand only exists when people have a problem.

I am an international Public Speaker and have presented at and chaired conferences in 10 countries.

I am a frequent writer of blogs, articles, books and training courses. I was Technology Editor for Counter Action Magazine and had a monthly column in CIO Magazine.

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Speaking Topics: Location Based Services, Traffic and Transport, Problem Solving

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12 Article/Blogs
Pay As You Drive car Insurance - a Potential Disruptor
Luigi Cappel
June 03, 2020
Since the COVID19 pandemic, it is likely that many people will be remote working at least part-time if not most of the time and many have lost their jobs and will not be driving as much. They also won’t be able to drive much, having lost their primary source of income. This is great for insurance companies because their risk-reward profile makes them attractive customers to subsidise others. However, this may be a time to shop around.

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Tags: COVID19, InsurTech, Risk Management

COVID Finally Crushed by Disney Augmented Reality Game
The Future Diaries
April 08, 2020
US Game Developer Jane McGonigal wrote the book Reality is Broken. It explains how positive reinforcement of behaviour through the release of endorphins, our body's natural opiates, when used in games, can have a powerful result.

I believe this concept can be used to incentivise teenagers and young adults to limit the spread of CORVID19 using the power of an organisation like Disney. With the help of other Thought Leaders, I am hoping this idea might find itself to people who can make it happen.

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Tags: AR/VR, Customer Experience, Health and Safety, COVID19

Telecommuting During and After Coronavirus
March 10, 2020
Many businesses have been sitting on the fence about telecommuting. Coronavirus is changing that as many people are having to isolate themselves if they show cold or flu symptoms and central and local government are asking people to work from home if they can. What better time to give it a go and see if the benefits are for real. It can help financially in not having to pay sick leave if they aren't feeling symptoms. It can reduce traffic congestion and spread of illness in public places. And people are often more productive. What better way for a pilot.

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Tags: HR, Risk Management, Business Continuity, COVID19

5 Tips for Successful Teleworking During the Corvid19 Event
March 04, 2020
Many businesses have been sitting on the fence about telecommuting. Coronavirus is changing that as many people are having to isolate themselves if they show cold or flu symptoms and central and local government are asking people to work from home if they can. What better time to give it a go and see if the benefits are for real. It can help financially in not having to pay sick leave if they aren't feeling symptoms. It can reduce traffic congestion and the spread of illness in public places. And people are often more productive. What better way for a pilot.

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Tags: HR, Risk Management, Business Continuity, COVID19

Commuting on Electric, Foiling, Water E-Scooters to Avoid the Traffic – Love it or Hate it?
Luigi Cappel
January 15, 2020
As commuter traffic congestion gets worse, disruptor entrepreneurs continue to come up with novel new ways to travel. How about going to work on a sustainable, electric, foiling water scooter. It sounds fantastic, the price will be right and it will cause chaos.
Cities are not prepared for innovation and the more difficult it becomes to commute, the more create inventors are becoming. There is a downside.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Emerging Technology, Sustainability

Unleashing the Road Warrior
NZ Smartphone and PDA Academy
December 23, 2019
This ebook was written for people who own or are considering buying a handheld computer or smartphone. Unlike traditional manuals and computer books, it focuses on what you can do and why. Cappel's focus is on working smarter rather than harder, combined with having fun. This book starts where the traditional business and personal self help books finish, harnessing new technologies with explanations and ideas that can be followed by people at all levels of experience.

This book is of particular interest to traveling sales people or in fact anyone that spends time away from the office. Readers will find lots of practical topics covering areas such as time and territory management, simple Customer Relationship Management practices, how to be a 21st century sales champion, managing documents and email on the run, improving boardroom presentations, ebooks, audio books, games and much more.

The book also explains the new concepts of telecommunications including Bluetooth, CDMA, GPRS and Wireless LAN.

This book is not only a great primer for new users, many people who have been using them for years have been surprised at the new ideas they discovered in this book.

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Tags: Mobility, Future of Work, Sales

What is the Best Home Security for 2020
Luigi Cappel
December 05, 2019
The year has started with many people coming home from vacation to find they have been burgled. For some, it may be as a result of posting about their travel on social media, effectively telling people that their home may be empty of people.
New technology like Bluetooth is being used by criminals to identify communicating items of value and even locate them in a house without having to enter. What can you do to protect yourself?

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Health and Safety, Risk Management

Getting Cities Moving Again
Linked In
November 03, 2019
Quantum computing and routing commuters with apps that are aware of all real time impacts on a route so that every driver gets a unique route if applicable instead of everyone being sent the same way.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Emerging Technology, Quantum Computing

Spark Sport, Sky and the Future of TV
October 07, 2019
I said I wouldn't pay for it and I didn't. However, as I have just had spine fusion surgery and limited mobility, my daughter's partner paid the $89 as a get-well gift. So I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation

How to Stop Repeat Offenders with GPS Anklets and Reduce Neighborhood Crime
October 06, 2019
Technology does not solve problems. It is the smart use that achieves the desired outcomes. Often money is thrown at hardware and nothing is left over to deliver a service.
The use of business intelligence on a map with triggers that are activated when an incident occurs triggered by a set of rules can make a huge difference. It's all about working smarter rather than harder.

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Tags: Analytics, Design Thinking, Risk Management

How to Stop Repeat Offenders with GPS Anklets and Reduce Neighborhood Crime
October 05, 2019
Next week, I'm being made redundant. Again. The National Travel Information Service has been disestablished and they no longer need someone to lead the team. This has me thinking about the future and the past. They say when one door closes, another one opens. The question for me is what doors are unlocked and which one would I like to open?

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Tags: AI, IoT

Why You Should Telecommute on a Tuesday
September 17, 2019
In many cities around the world, Tuesday is the busiest day of the week for commuters. If you can plan a day of the week to work from home, this is it!

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Tags: Culture

2 Books
Buying a House - Using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services
SoLoMo Consulting Ltd
October 03, 2019
This is the unique book every home buyer should read before you start your search for your next home. Packed with information for people all of over the world, with easy to understand information and links to web sites and mobile applications from an expert in the field of Location Based Services.

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things we do in our lives. Location isn't just a buzzword. It can make the difference between a dream home or a nightmare. In today's world of Internet, Smartphones and Tablets, there are applications and web sites that can help you reduce the risk by doing the due diligence you should do with any major purchase.

Contents include information about finding suitable properties anywhere in the world, real estate agents, property values, how to use social media in your research, finding the right street, schools, shopping, neighbors, neighborhood crime, utility services, your commute, optimizing your viewing trips, risks, check lists, free real estate applications, car navigation and more.

This is a powerful resource that you can read from cover to cover, zoom in on specific topics of interest and come back to as and when you need it. Of course as a Kindle book you can easily bookmark pages, annotate your own notes and follow links from within the book.

Don't rely on real estate agents looking for a quick sale or let your emotions override your logic. If you are a real estate agent, this book can also help you lift your game and provide the sort of service that gets people recommending you to their network.

Author Luigi Cappel is a specialist consultant in Location Based Services who has chaired and presented at conferences around the world. As well as his experience with mobile and location based services, he has purchased and owned rental properties as well as his family homes. There is nothing like experience and it is smart to use experience from an expert who has nothing to gain from your decision, other than hoping that you will recommend this book to your network.

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Tags: Big Data, Customer Experience, Emerging Technology

5 Top Mistakes People Make When They Are Buying a House
Luigi Cappel
November 27, 2017
Buying a house? WHAT COULD GO WRONG? What mistakes do people make and how can you REDUCE THE RISK?
Buying a house is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, it can be both the most stressful and most exciting time of your life.
Real Estate Agents are taught how to sell, BUT WHO TEACHES YOU HOW TO BUY A HOUSE?
This book explores the 5 TOP MISTAKES PEOPLE MAKE and provides lots of information to help you avoid making them.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Health and Safety, Mobility

6 Keynotes
A View From Left Field
GeoSmart Maps
March 29, 2015
Presentation to the New Zealand Parking Association
The Carparking Industry • AA Maps and Mobile Sites • The Carpark is not the destination - Proximity • How do consumers perceive you? • Telematics • Connected Devices • A View From Left Field • Innovation • Where’s My Car? • Tagging • What Would Google Do?

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Tags: Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Leadership

National Travel Information Service
Luigi Cappel - NZTA
March 09, 2015
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
The role travel information plays in the freight industry
Planned and Unplanned Events
Predictable Journeys:
What Travel Information is available and how can it be used?
What does a Transport Operations Control Room do?
ITS and future Travel Information systems
For the dispatcher and the operator

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Tags: Customer Experience, Health and Safety, Supply Chain

Improving Productivity, Sustainability and Safety with Telematics and Real Time Traffic
GeoSmart Maps
October 04, 2013
Preparing for The Future • Next Generation Road Data Capture • The Cost of Traffic Congestion • Real Time Traffic Services • Eco-routing and Sustainability • Camber and Rollover • Telematics • Route Optimisation • Location Based Business Intelligence without GIS • The Future is Here

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation, Mobility

What's Location Got to do with It
SoLoMo Consulting
October 01, 2013
A presentation for a business association. How to understand your community and how the community can thrive through understanding itself and its points of uniqueness and diversity.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture, Marketing

Your Service Edge - Location and Mobile in Tourism
SoLoMo Consulting
July 01, 2013
What’s Location Got To Do With It?  Some Questions  Smartphones and GPS  BAU  USA FIT Road Trip Experience  Tourism is Tough  Being an FIT is Tough  What I learned

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Mobility

Terrific Tuakau
SoLoMo Consulting
June 19, 2013
Presentation to a country business association on how to thrive and market the unique attractions it has to offer using new technologies

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Tags: Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Marketing

12 Videos
Remote Work After COVID19
Luigi Cappel
August 05, 2020
Some thoughts for your next management meeting. I've been promoting teleworking for years, but in many cases, companies were not keen on introducing it for many reasons. The pandemic has, of course, changed that and many companies will now not have enough space in their offices to accommodate all of their staff and comply with social distancing rules. Do they all need to be there every day? The technological challenges are quickly being resolved with video conferencing, cloud computing, and in many cases productivity is up, while costs are down. Many people are enjoying working remotely and opting for lifestyle, which is evidenced by the increase in property sales in small towns. It illustrates that many of us live in the cities because that is where the jobs are, not where we would prefer to be. Will your company bounce back to the old ways when COVID19 is history, or will you adopt a new normal?

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Tags: Future of Work, Business Continuity, COVID19

Kia Uvo Car Navigation on Steroids
Luigi Cappel
June 11, 2020
Episode 15 of Location-Based Shorts, introducing some great new features from KIA who are incorporating car navigation with real-time traffic through to the smartphone with Augmented Reality. This is important because often where we leave the car is not the final destination.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Innovation

Best Way to Track People with Dementia or Other Conditions
Import from wordpress feed
February 10, 2020
Do you know someone who has a loved one who has dementia or some other condition, like diabetes or autism, where they might get confused, wander off and get lost? This can be a very scary time for people and … Continue reading →

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Tags: Social

Live Tracking Coronavirus on a Map
Import from wordpress feed
January 31, 2020
Johns Hopkins CSSE has developed and published a GIS web map tool, whereby you can live track the spread of Coronavirus on a map. I feel the pedigree is important, because when I listen to my Alexa news brief each … Continue reading →

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Tags: HealthTech, Business Continuity, COVID19

Import from wordpress feed
January 11, 2020
Of course it doesn’t actually apply to you because you read my blog and you know how tirelessly I have worked to encourage people to make smarter decisions about their travel, especially their commute. So don’t think of this as … Continue reading →

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Washington Post and Other Newspapers with Paywalls Miss Out on Readers
Import from wordpress feed
January 06, 2020
I’ve meant to write about this for a long time, but never quite got around to it. if you know me, you’ll be aware that I often curate articles that I think will be of interest to my many followers. … Continue reading →

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Would You Like Some Help Writing Your Business Blog or Story for 2020?
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January 06, 2020
So many people tell me they need to write blogs, articles and other material for their website or other marketing output. They know customers want to do business with people and feel they have a relationship with them, and that … Continue reading →

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Tags: Retail, Marketing

Google Maps New feature Shows You Where to Charge Your New EV
Luigi Cappel
December 20, 2019
Two of the factors preventing people from buying electric cars are the range and knowing where to charge them. New features on the Google Maps site and their apps can help with this. This may help you decide if the time is right to invest.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Emerging Technology, Sustainability

What is the Best Home Security for 2020?
Import from wordpress feed
December 05, 2019
House burglaries, theft of, and from cars in people’s driveways, porch pirates are all things we have to deal with today and of course even more so leading up to the Christmas Holidays. What I really want to share with … Continue reading →

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Smart Cities, Security

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Approaches are at Full Capacity
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November 28, 2019
Headlines in newspapers are saying that the business case for building a second harbour crossing in Auckland have been delayed. The implication is that this will exacerbate the traffic congestion problem. Auckland’s Mayor, Phil Goff has a published Vision Statement … Continue reading 

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Solving the Traffic Jam Problem – Getting Cities Moving Again
Import from wordpress feed
November 03, 2019
I got pretty excited when I read the press release about Volkswagen getting together with D-Wave, using quantum computing to demonstrate real time traffic optimised routing at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon which starts tomorrow. I wish I was … Continue reading →

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Tags: Big Data, Quantum Computing

Short Videos About GPS, Apps, Maps and More: Location Based Shorts. The Eyes Have It.
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November 01, 2019
Location Based Shorts is a new series where I am embarking on a new series of sub 3 minute VLOGS (Video Blogs) about things that interest me and if you follow me, probably will interest you. I comment on things … Continue reading →

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Tags: Innovation, IoT, Privacy

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