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Dave Sutton

Founder & Chairman at TopRight

Atlanta, United States

As author of Marketing, Interrupted, Dave Sutton literally wrote the book on transformational
marketing. With the founding of TopRight, he championed digital marketing and story-based
strategy for major clients like Coca-Cola, Boeing, MillerCoors, Arby’s, and JP Morgan-Chase,
among others. His work with leaders like Sergio Zyman, Jim Champy, and Michael Porter, his
appearances on Fox Business News, and his features in Forbes, Fortune, and Harvard Business
Review have proven Dave Sutton to be a preeminent thought leader in a rapidly changing field
and one of the most sought-after marketing strategists in the world today.
Dave began his career at Booz Allen before becoming CEO of Inforte Corporation, a sales and
marketing technology consultancy. As CEO of the Zyman Group and now CEO of TopRight in
Atlanta, Dave delivers cutting-edge strategy rooted in story, strategy, and systems. He is also
the co-author of Strategic Analytics (Harvard Business Review Press) and Enterprise Marketing
Management: The New Science of Marketing (John Wiley and Sons)

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5 Article/Blogs
How Well Do You Manage Conflict?
TopRight Partners
July 08, 2021
If you work in a highly creative environment like an advertising agency, a consulting firm or a corporate marketing department, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of workplace arguments and confrontations. When creative tension runs high in a business, it can often lead to amazing breakthroughs… but also boisterous breakdowns! Simple disagreements on creative direction can rapidly take a nose dive into personal squabbles, destructive criticism and the potential for bruised egos and hurt feelings.

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Tags: Management, Marketing, Business Strategy

The Five Pillars of Customer Experience Strategy
TopRight Partners
July 02, 2021
Take care of your customers and they will remain loyal. Abandon them and they won’t ever forgive you.

Today, maintaining customer loyalty is tougher than ever because customer experience has been fully integrated into every marketing and communications message. From the positioning of a product, to the development of digital strategy, advertising, public relations, and branding, the new concept of customer experience includes being part of their online and social life. Functional and emotional connections must be a priority to every strategy.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Business Strategy

4 Critical Enablers of Digital Strategy
June 29, 2021
There is a common misconception that digital transformation involves nothing more than acquiring, configuring, and installing new technologies. You just roll out the systems and the customer experience is miraculously transformed. You just flip a switch and all of your people line up to flawlessly execute your strategy and deliver on the promises of your brand story with ruthless consistency.

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Tags: Management, Marketing, Business Strategy

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Productivity
TopRight Partners
June 07, 2021
Feeling a little drained? Sensing that your productivity has been on a steady decline? Probably not a surprise – it’s definitely been stressful and challenging over the past 18 months. Tough times can certainly drain your energy and your ability to maintain productivity. But fear not, we have compiled a list of five tips to help you increase the productivity of your sales and marketing teams:

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Marketing

5 Tips for Accelerating Growth in Online Business
TopRight Partners
May 18, 2021
As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and look back over the last 18 months, it’s obvious that many businesses that survived and thrived only did so because of their ability to engage and serve customers online. The skyrocketing growth of e-commerce around the world was enabled by the perfect storm of market disruption, customer demand and digital transformation.

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Tags: Management, Marketing, Business Strategy

2 Books
Marketing, Interrupted: Sometimes the Only Way to Succeed Is to Go a Little Crazy
TopRight, LLC
May 08, 2018
Marketing, Interrupted will put you on a path to transform your marketing: how your customer experiences you, understands you, and interacts with you. It is a change in mindset as well as methodology. No longer is the brand story simply about you and what you offer. Your brand, your products, your services are not really the hero. The power and impact of your brand, your product, your services and your story comes from making the customer the hero, and you, the marketer, serving as the guide on their buying journey. Throughout the entire customer lifecycle, the intention actually the requirement is to deliver on the brand promise. Only then will prospects become customers, and customers become brand advocates. Why? Because transforming marketing is about so much more than what you do. It is about: - Why you do what you do? - What it is you do, based on that why? - How you deliver it to your customers? - What the impact is on their lives? This level of marketing impact is required to give your customers a reason to care, a reason to buy, a reason to engage, a reason to stay. Market leaders routinely beat their competition and perhaps even change the rules of the game as they become category leaders and category definers. Marketing, Interrupted will move you to the top of your industry in terms of your financial performance and help you set the benchmarks to which others aspire. You ll gain mind share and advocacy, where your customers don t just buy your products and services, they tell your story for you because your story matters to them. So, if you have the desire to win in the market, the patience to tolerate a little crazy, the endurance to drive to the top and the tenacity to stay there, then read on this book is for you!

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Marketing

Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing
May 02, 2003
A groundbreaking paradigm that takes a scientific approach to marketing practice
Top executives at the renowned Zyman Marketing Group introduce a revolutionary new method for marketing managers―Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM). EMM systematically links marketing to all the essential functions within an organization, realigning the enterprise to put marketing efforts and customer service at its core. With an introduction by marketing guru Sergio Zyman, Enterprise Marketing Management covers topics such as brand architecture, investment measurement, and how to engineer creativity. EMM, adopted by many Z-Marketing clients, is a proven strategy for transforming organizations and achieving bottom-line results.

Dave Sutton (Atlanta, GA) is President/CEO of Zyman Marketing Group. He has more than eighteen years of experience in management and technology consulting. He is a frequent speaker on brand strategy, marketing strategy, and e-business strategy, and serves as President of the Strategic Leadership Forum. He is regularly quoted in Fortune, Forbes, eCompany Now, Upside, and the Chicago Tribune. Tom Klein (Atlanta, GA) is Vice President of Zyman Marketing Group. He has fifteen years of experience in strategy, information technology, and brand marketing.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Marketing

1 Webinar
Chair Dave Sutton: How AI Is Transforming Sales and Marketing as We Know It
YouTube - TopRight Partners
January 13, 2021
TopRight's Dave Sutton speaks on AI and marketing at the Kettering Executive Network. If you like this content, subscribe to the TopRight blog!

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Tags: AI, Marketing, Sales



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