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Rodrigo de Alvarenga

Managing Partner at HAG Ventures

Curitiba, Brazil

Passionate about complex problem-solving, uncovering people's potential, mentoring and investing in entrepreneurs, Rodrigo de Alvarenga has been mentoring at global entrepreneurship programs like North Forge, EIA, AIA, GSA, Alchemist, Startup Chile, Copernicus Accelerator, Hackquarters, FI, among others. Nominated twice by Thinkers360 among the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Startups, he has been contributing as a jury member at the MIT Innovators under 35 Award EU&LATAM editions. ESIC Business & Marketing School awarded him the 10th Brazilian edition of the Aster Prize – Professional Trajectory. He teaches entrepreneurship, digital transformation, venture building & impact measurement. As a venture builder expert, he founded HAG Ventures and invested in +30 startups from the USA, EU, LATAM, MENA & Brazil. As a Board Member and advisor, he works with corporates in business & digital transformation and, corporate venture capital & corporate venture building. Recently joined The Bakery LATAM as the Head of Corporate Venture (Corporate Venture Capital & Corporate Venture Building), working with large corporates and multinationals to structure CVC & CVB units in LATAM. Rodrigo de Alvarenga graduated with a BA in Business, holds a MBA (BSP - Business School São Paulo & Rotman School - Toronto University), an MSc in Economic Development (UFRP - Federal University of Parana), PhD student in Industrial Engineering & Systems (PUCPR - Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná) focusing on venture building (ongoing) and have certificates in Entrepreneurship (Boston College) & Exponentials (Singularity University).

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Travels From: Curitiba, PR - Sao Paulo, SP
Speaking Topics: Corporate Venture Capital, Venture Building & Corporate Venture Building, Open Innovation, Business & Digital Transformation, Startups, Entrepreneursh

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Academic 10
Author 8
Influencer 125
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Entrepreneur 50
Total 240

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Company Type: Service Provider
Theatre: LATAM, Brazil, EU, USA and MENA
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed
Average Hourly Rate: Undisclosed
Number of Employees: Undisclosed
Company Founded Date: Undisclosed
Media Experience: +10 years
Last Media Interview: 05/05/2022

Areas of Expertise

Business Continuity
Business Strategy 30.82
Change Management
Culture 30.20
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation 30.39
Diversity and Inclusion 30.27
Entrepreneurship 38.95
Future of Work
Innovation 31.74
Leadership 30.13
Lean Startup
Management 30.26
Mergers and Acquisitions 30.15
Open Innovation 35.41
Risk Management 30.59
Startups 36.34

Industry Experience

Agriculture & Mining
Consumer Products
Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research
Industrial Machinery & Components
Professional Services

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1 Advisory Board Membership
Advisory Board Member
Central de Materiais
September 01, 2020
The Central de Materiais is the largest B2B marketplace in Brazil. With thousands of deals made, our mission is to be a company recognized for constant innovation, offering smart solutions with agility and confidence to customers from the most varied segments of industry and retail. Born in 2012, the Central performs the management of assets and unserviceable assets of companies. Our sales platform stands out for its easy usability and our team is always prepared for you to have the best experience possible when using our services. We work with a very comprehensive product portfolio. Here you can find everything from cars and motorbikes, heavy machinery, office furniture, computer and electronic equipment and even the sale of scrap and recyclable materials (iron scraps, mining scrap, industrial leftovers, stainless steel scrap and much more).

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups

8 Article/Blogs
Exploring the Differences: Corporate Venture Capital vs. Traditional Venture Capital
March 21, 2023
As the world of finance and investment continues to evolve, entrepreneurs and startups frequently face the challenge of raising capital to support their innovative ideas. Traditionally, venture capital has been a standard funding option for many budding businesses, but in recent years, a newer player has emerged — corporate venture capital.

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Tags: Innovation, Startups

Why and How Corporates should use Venture Building as an Open Innovation tool
March 06, 2023
Innovation is crucial for any business that wants to remain competitive in the market. Many corporations have turned to open innovation to stay ahead of the game. Open innovation is a collaborative approach that involves seeking external ideas, technologies, and expertise to advance a company’s internal innovation. One of the tools used in open innovation is venture building. Venture building is the process of creating new businesses or ventures that are aligned with the corporate strategy. This blog post will discuss why and how corporations should use venture building as an open innovation tool to create future value.

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Tags: Open Innovation, Startups, Business Strategy

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Unicorn Marketplace
September 11, 2022
The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a profound impact on businesses around the world. In the tech industry, we see the effects in several ways. This blog post will look at how the pandemic has impacted unicorns — startups with valuations of $1 billion or more.

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Tags: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Venture Capital in LATAM & Brazil: How Open Innovation is Driving Investments
May 17, 2022
Latin America has been experiencing a corporate venture capital (CVC) boom in recent years. This is primarily due to the increasing interest of corporates in startups and their innovative products and services. In addition, the rise of open innovation approaches has allowed corporates to connect with startups in new and more effective ways. As a result, the volume of investments done through corporate venture capital has grown rapidly.

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Tags: Open Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship

How to foster team building, diversity & culture on startups and even corporates
January 13, 2022
Over the last +27 years of my career, as a venture builder, angel investor, mentor, executive, and board member, I have witnessed the difficulties and challenges corporates face in team formation, diversity, and culture. More recently, over the previous +10 years, in which I’ve been dealing more closely with startups, entrepreneurs and the construction of tech & impact-driven startups, I have had the opportunity to address this subject in depth. Here, I share what I’ve learned from this experience.

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Tags: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion

A community must build impact!
Import from
September 10, 2020
Community building is an impact-driven social endeavour that aims to transform people’s lives. As such, it must be designed in a way that…Continue reading on Medium »

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Tags: Open Innovation, Startups

A Community must build impact!
August 26, 2020
Community building is an impact-driven social endeavour that aims to transform people's lives. As such, it must be designed in a way that we can engage participants in fostering fellow members and their own lives into the next step. Thus, the community must build impact! Does that sound ok to you?

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Tags: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Diversity and Inclusion

Impacting lives: a mentor experience in changing students’ lives in the MENA region
Import from
July 23, 2020
AIA — Arab Innovation Academy 2020 — Feb 2020 — Doha, QatarIt is not every day that we have the opportunity to impact lives, much less in a place as far from Brazil as the Middle East (MENA region), more precisely, Doha — Qatar. However, that was my 3rd edition (2018, 2019 a

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Tags: Entrepreneurship

1 Board Membership
May 26, 2022
Fundada em 1985 a DACAR transformou-se em Sociedade Anônima de capital fechado em 2001 e desde então contrata auditoria independente para analise de seus balanços e resultados financeiros e os publica na forma da lei 6.404/76.

Em 2010, após uma reorganização societária, foi criado o Conselho de Administração Estatutário composto por 3 membros externos e independentes. Importantes ferramentas de gestão corporativa foram sendo vivenciados na pratica pela empresa, assim como : Código de Conduta, Planejamento Estratégico, Estruturação da Sucessão, etc.

O objetivo principal é garantir que os agentes de governança zelem pela perenidade da empresa, incorporando visão mais ampla da estratégia empresarial, considerando os princípios do desenvolvimento sustentável.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship

2 Conference Publications
Venture Building & Startup Studios versus Acceleration Programs – Conceptual & Performance Differences
XXX ISPIM Innovation Conference - ISPIM Conference Proceedings - Florence, Italy
June 01, 2019
A relatively new phenomenon called Venture Building has been formed to address the challenge of creating a company from scratch. This process is based on creating and analyzing many ideas simultaneously and then choosing the most promising ones to be developed further. Even though this phenomenon has been growing during the past years, not much academic research has been done on this particular organizational form. Some questions remain open, such as how effective this strong and long-term guidance model is compared to more traditional accelerator and incubator models. Startup terminology is evolving all the time, and hence it is hard to precisely define a phenomenon such as Venture Building. This paper aims to address the lack of academic research by offering a definition that captures the nature of the phenomenon.

Keywords: Venture Builder, Startup, Startup Studio, Acceleration Programs, Incubation Programs

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Open Innovation

Brazilian protectionism, a myopia that has deeply affected its economic development.
XV Congresso Virtual de Administração - CONVIBRA 2018
November 30, 2018
Brazil is traditionally known as a protectionist country; its trade policies have an eminently interventionist bias, with broad restrictions on free trade, whose impact is extremely harmful to economic development and national industrial performance. Despite the damage caused by protectionism, in Brazil, these practices remain on the agenda. Exaggerated interventionism leads the country in the opposite direction of the world trend, which, over the last few years, has experienced an unprecedented advance, a consequence to a large extent of increased trade between countries. Brazil, isolated from the global integrationist spirit, does not benefit from the productivity gains associated with the global trends that have shaped the most competitive industrial production, including international trade integration and a fluid reallocation of resources between companies through fragmentation of the value chains. Based on this scenario, the objective of this work is to analyze how the protectionist position adopted by Brazil concerning the international market impacted the country’s process of industrialization.

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Tags: Leadership, Management, Risk Management

4 Keynotes
How to deal with investors and fundraising
SIT Port - Pilsen - Czech Republic
April 27, 2020
HAG ventures x SIT Port live on how to deal with investors!
A video about what you need to get an investment most importantly, why should an investor choose your startup, in which they invest their money and efforts? Rodrigo de Alvarenga is an angel investor from Brazil and CEO of HAG ventures, which has already supported over 70 startups. What exactly interests him and what annoys him? How to reach investors at all? You will learn everything in the recording of the online lecture with Rodrigo.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Startups

Startups around the World: so many countries, so many customs
BoostUP ZCU - West Bohemia University
February 21, 2020
Podnikatelský inovační klub BoostUp nezahálí ani v letošním roce a před námi je první workshop letního semestru.

Z daleké Brazílie k nám na univerzitu zavítá Rodrigo de Alvarenga, který v průběhu workshopu představí rozdíly v zakládání startupů napříč celým světem. S firmou HAG Group investoval a pomohl rozjet více než 30 startupů v Evropě, zemích Latinské Ameriky, Asie a východní a severní Afriky.

Rodrigo je od roku 2010 Angel Investorem a dále působí jako mentor v mezinárodních podnikatelských programech, jako jsou European Innovation Academy v Portugalsku, Global Scaling Academy nebo také v Silicon Valley, o kterém jste již mohli slyšet v rámci podzimní akce z úst Alfreda Copolly.

V rámci workshopu budou pro zájemce možné i individuální konzultace.

Srdečně zveme nejen studenty, ale i členy širší veřejnosti či akademické obce.
Pokud vás zajímá téma startupů, chcete se dozvědět nové světové trendy nebo byste rádi prodiskutovali vlastní projekt, zavítejte 21. února do B-room naproti HelpDesku.

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Tags: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Startups

Business Models for Tech Entrepreneurs
OrbitLab - Aarhus University
November 29, 2019
Join us in ORBIT Lab for the second Tech Startup Launchpad, where accomplished Mentor, Business Angel, Educator and Entrepreneur alike, Rodrigo de Alvarenga, will share his experiences with entrepreneurial students and people from the tech startup scene.

The topic will be business models for tech entrepreneurs. While finding the right skills for your tech startup is one challenge, making sure your business model fits the industry and customers is equally important. Rodrigo de Alvarenga will take you through different business models for apps and software-based startups. Using case examples, he will guide you on how to choose the correct business model for your startup. He will also share his personal story of how he went from being an educator in entrepreneurship to becoming an entrepreneur himself.

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Tags: Open Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

Ecossistemas de Inovação
Lisbon Innovation Summit
November 08, 2019
O primeiro evento independente sobre inovação, futuro, transformação digital e impacto social de Lisboa.

O Lisbon Innovation Summit é o primeiro evento independente sobre inovação, futuro, transformação digital e impacto social, que levará ao palco da NOVA SBE algumas das mentes mais visionárias e inovadoras da era contemporânea, que nos inspirarão com temas instigantes e inquietantes para o futuro dos negócios, das pessoas, das cidades e da vida. Além desses temas o evento terá um módulo especial sobre negócios Brasil-Portugal.

Palestra - Ecossistemas de Inovação:
Quais são os principais ecossistemas e polos de inovação do mundo e o que faz eles serem relevantes e geradores de talentos, transformações e negócios.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups

1 Panel
PODIM Dx 2021 - Panel: Experiment. Validate. Optimize. Repeat.
PODIM Dx 2021
May 17, 2021
Podim is the most influential startup & tech event in the CEE region, where innovation meets business opportunities, capital and knowledge.

In the last decade, Podim has evolved into the key regional platform for enabling learning and networking in the most valuable and time-efficient way. It truly is a life-changing experience. Podim DX is creating real value by bringing together and connecting renowned international investors, established corporations, and startups & scale-ups from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions for efficient networking and dealmaking.

Podim DX is the gateway to and from the region for efficient networking, deal-making, and sharing experience.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups

2 Speaking Engagements
9th Global Venture Lab at UC Berkeley
Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology - College of Engineering - Berkeley University
August 20, 2018
The Global Venture Lab (GVL) is an international summit of academics, entrepreneurs, and innovators sharing common research and
educational programs to spur new industry and economic growth. Since our first event in 2009, GVL continues to be an extraordinary
opportunity to network, learn, and share best practices among entrepreneurship centers around the world.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups

Brasil: Crises & Oportunidades
April 29, 2015
No próximo dia 29, acontece o Encontro Marcado com o tema “Brasil: Crise x Oportunidade”. O evento promovido peloISAE, traz a pauta os aspectos da crise que são comumente ignorados. A palestra será conduzida por Sérgio Itamar, profissional de gestão de riscos e operações, e Rodrigo de Alvarenga, diretor do Startup Grind Brasil, parceira da Google for Entrepreneurs.

No roteiro, a crise social do Brasil, a que Itamar chama de “crise invisível”. “São crianças crescendo em lares desestruturados, a não-retenção escolar, o grande número de analfabetos diplomados, a violência não computada em estatísticas”, esclarece Itamar. Todos estes fatores, somados, segundo ele, afloram na crise que vivemos hoje.

Já Rodrigo Alvarenga, no contraponto, traz uma análise do cenário atual apontando oportunidades de reinvenção. “A baixa produtividade de nossas empresas hoje é uma grande chance para os gestores repensarem o modelo de trabalho que vêm adotando”, afirma Alvarenga. Na opinião do especialista, se algo é ruim, tem que morrer para dar lugar ao novo. “Os jovens que tem entre 15 e 25 anos vão assumir o país nos próximos 15 anos. Este público tem uma oportunidade única de transformar o futuro”, exemplifica Alvarenga.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Startups

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