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Andy Thurai

Founder at The Field CTO

Boston, United States

Emerging Tech Strategy

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Boston, MA, USA
Speaking Topics: AI, ML, AIOps, Observability, ITOps, CloudOps, Emerging Tech

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AI 30.23
Analytics 30.07
Business Strategy
Cloud 30.61
Data Center
Digital Disruption 30.48
Digital Transformation
Emerging Technology
Open Innovation
Predictive Analytics
Big Data 30.05
DevOps 30.66
IT Operations 31.84

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics


1 Analyst Advisory
AIOps vs Observability vs Monitoring - What Is The Difference? Are You Using The Right One For Your Enterprise?
February 08, 2021

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Tags: AI

1 Analyst Report
Cloud Observability Radar Report - GigaOm
February 26, 2021
Comprehensive Cloud Observability Radar Report done for analyst firm GigaOm.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, Digital Disruption

3 Article/Blogs
What is AIOps? – AI for IT operations explained
The Field CTO
March 09, 2021
Every business now depends on IT. Efficient IT Operations is mandatory for all businesses, especially those operating in a hybrid mode – a mix of existing data centers and multi-cloud locations. As with any business process, IT operations can be augmented with machine learning-based solutions. IT is particularly fertile ground for AI as it is mostly digital, has seemingly endless processes requiring automation and there are gigantic amounts of data to process. AI can help smoothen lot of IT Operations, CloudOps.

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Tags: Analytics, AI, Cloud

Comprehensive observability is core to future-proofing your IT infrastructure
The Field CTO
February 27, 2021
Observability is an emerging set of practices, platforms, and tools that goes beyond monitoring to provide insight into the internal state of systems by analyzing external outputs. Monitoring has been a core function of IT for decades, but old approaches have become inadequate for a variety of reasons—cloud deployments, agile development methodology, continuous deployments, and new DevOps practices among them.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, DevOps

Why Infusing AI Into IT Operations Is More About The Data Than About AI Itself
July 06, 2020

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Tags: AI, Big Data, IT Operations

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