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John K Williams

Director at Combined Team Services

Western Australia,, Australia

Workplace, People and Culture Specialist at CTS

John K Williams Points
Academic 0
Author 60
Influencer 41
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 0
Total 101

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Company Information

Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Training and Coaching in industrialised environments
Theatre: Western Australia
Media Experience: N/A

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy
Change Management
Culture 32.51
Future of Work
Leadership 31.63
Health and Wellness 35.26

Industry Experience

Agriculture & Mining
Engineering & Construction
Professional Services
Travel & Transportation


1 Book
Mindfit, how to create a kickass workforce and achieve long term business excellence
February 21, 2018
Mindfit outlines an easy to implement organisational design and development program that will build reliability in people, increase their effectiveness and help reduce stress, burnout and re-work.

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Tags: Culture, Health and Wellness, Leadership

1 Miscellaneous
TLIC Suite of Leadership
February 01, 2012
TLIC - Think, Lead, Influence and Change
Gasp Assessments
360o Feedback
Gap Action Plans
Leadership Development booklets, training and workplace coaching.

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Leadership

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John K Williams