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Jan Cavelle

London, United Kingdom


Jan is an entrepreneur from the UK who has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her. She is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table as a single mother with two young children, and overcome the obstacles to go on to build that into a multi-million turnover business. Like most entrepreneurs, she has known failure and success.
She has always been passionate to encourage and support other entrepreneurs and has been involved in many campaigns with a view to that. She was chosen as one of the first 50 women to represent the UK in the European Union on one of these.
Jan has put her entrepreneurial experiences together with her passion for writing together a book aimed at helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses during the big leap of 1-10m. The book is called Scale For Success and it is published by Bloomsbury.

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1 Book
Scale for Success: Expert Insights into Growing Your Business
Bloomsbury Business
February 04, 2021
All it takes to start a business is a great idea and initial funding. But when it comes to growing and scaling a business - turning it into an enduring success - it becomes much more difficult to manage and sustain the various elements that are involved. You need to set out a clear plan, sustain funding, optimise marketing opportunities and develop an effective team. There are many opportunities to fail but, with Scale for Success, readers will gain valuable insights and practical advice from entrepreneurs and business leaders across the globe who have paved the way to their own versions of commercial success.

Scale for Success features 30 entrepreneurs and CEOs, including Steven Kelly, Jeremy Harbour, David Meerman Scott and James Bartle. These inspiring figures share their stories of successful growth and scaling and, most importantly, the practical and adaptable advice and guidance that led to their businesses moving effectively on to the next stage of growth. With insights from world-renowned figures in industries such as tech, real estate, marketing and fashion, this book provides an eclectic array of original ideas and approaches that have been proven to be effective. Narrated and curated by writer and former entrepreneur Jan Cavelle, this book provides an engaging and enlightening pathway to scaling success.
Available from Bloomsbury, Amazon and all major book retailers.

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