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Pamela Harper

Founding Partner/CEO at Business Advancement Inc.

Glen Rock, United States

Pamela Harper is Founding Partner and CEO of Business Advancement Inc., a strategic growth advisory firm.
• Her critically acclaimed book, Preventing Strategic Gridlock, has been used as a text in universities around the world.
• She advises and consults to CEOs, C-Suite executives, and Boards on issues of dramatically accelerating game-changing growth
• Pam has a track record of finding the hidden opportunities in every situation, and turning them into game-changing success.
• You may have seen Pam’s insights in Business Week, Investor’s Business Daily, or
• She also hosts the widely praised podcast series Growth Igniters® Radio, now in its seventh year. It has been profiled in Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, Marketwatch, and other media.

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Strategic Growth Advisory
Theatre: North America
Media Experience: 20+ years
Last Media Training: 07/31/2020
Last Media Interview: 12/30/2020

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Business Strategy 33.35
Change Management 32.39
Culture 30.17
Innovation 30.70
Leadership 32.48
Management 30.05
Mergers and Acquisitions

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Aerospace & Defense
Consumer Products
High Tech & Electronics
Professional Services
Travel & Transportation


4 Article/Blogs
How To Advance A Bold Vision In The Face Of Ambiguity
Life Science Leader
April 01, 2022
As the world is changing in so many ways faster than ever before, perhaps your leadership team is re-envisioning a future filled with unprecedented, game-changing opportunities. However, advancing a bold vision can create ambivalence when you’re leading at warp speed to make big things happen. In fact, CEOs, C-suite executives, and corporate directors often report to us that moving in a new direction can trigger “strange” responses from employees, partners, suppliers, and other key stakeholders. On the other hand, we’ve seen that the leaders who are able to successfully advance their bold visions and ignite game-changing growth keep a critical principle in mind as they re-envision the future: the greater the ambiguity, the greater the need to embrace paradoxical realities.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture, Leadership

How Financial Executives Can Achieve Long-Term Performance in a Short-Term World
FEI Daily
December 21, 2021
While CFOs and financial executives are at the center of various short-term and long-term performance issues, ongoing shifts in the balance of power and accountability between boards, management, investors, and other stakeholders can create new complexity and reinforce the status quo.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture, Leadership

Breaking Orbit: How pharmaceutical leaders at established companies can still disrupt the status quo and change the game
Pharm Exec
November 01, 2021
Why do some successful pharmaceutical organizations become “The Disruptors” and others become “The Disrupted?” What type of leadership does it take to break through the constraints of success to reimagine what’s possible, and innovate to keep bringing new products and services to life to keep pace with a world that is changing in so many ways faster than ever before?

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture, Leadership

Six Ways to Boost the ROI of Your Strategic Alliance
Chief Executive
December 12, 2012
Our study of strategic alliances led to surprising new insights about the possible sources of mismatched expectations and assumptions that often start before the relationship is even launched. To overcome these issues and gain increased value from your strategic alliances, we present six foundational recommendations.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Leadership, Management

1 Book
Preventing Strategic Gridlock
Cameo Publications
January 01, 2003
Find out why strategies and initiatives that looked good during planning end up mysteriously snarled in a tangled web of persistent organizational problems ("strategic gridlock") during execution.

Preventing Strategic Gridlock shows the reader how to:

· Gain insights into the common but mistaken assumptions leaders often make about their organizations;

· Apply the six principles and guidelines of organizational reality to U.N.L.O.C.K. their company from the Strategic Gridlock cycle;

· Learn how to achieve the high-performance results that today’s high-pressure environment demands.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Leadership

1 Keynote
How Growth Igniters Lead For Tomorrow, Starting Today
Pamela S. Harper
March 01, 2022
Keynote speaker Pam Harper calls great, visionary leaders who transcend these challenges Growth Igniters. They recognize and embrace the leadership paradoxes that can naturally emerge in uncharted territory. This Growth Igniters mindset enables them to keep leading for game-changing growth that can create a lasting legacy for a better world.

Pam shares transformational stories drawn from her deep experience advising top leaders of fast-growth companies from start-up to mid-market to Fortune 500 corporations. Explore the secrets of continuously igniting game-changing growth when the pressure is on: where leaders become Growth Igniters by leading for tomorrow, starting today.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Leadership

1 Podcast
Growth Igniters Radio with Pam Harper & Scott Harper
Business Advancement Inc.
June 22, 2022
We are Pam Harper and Scott Harper, strategic growth advisors to visionary CEOs, C-Suite leaders and corporate directors. Since our podcast's launch in 2015, we have become known for creating eye-opening conversations with best-selling business authors, emerging thought leaders, and CEOs who are transforming the face of business in a constantly changing world. We spark fresh insights, inspiration, and immediately useful ideas to enable listeners to keep accelerating to new heights of innovation, transformation, and game-changing growth. Also available wherever you get your podcasts.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Leadership

1 Speaking Engagement
Change the Game to Lead for Tomorrow
December 06, 2021
Social unrest, Economic upheaval, climate change, revolutionary technology, and more… It can seem overwhelming. And yet, whether you lead an organization of thousands or just yourself, all of these changes can provide opportunities you can use to change the game and lead for tomorrow. However, this can be a major challenge when you’re moving at warp speed to make big things happen. The most persistent issue can be employees’, partners’, and other stakeholders’ sometimes strange responses to moving in new directions. Pam pulls back the curtain on how the great visionary leaders she calls “Growth Igniters” are able to make big things happen by embracing the leadership paradoxes that can naturally emerge in ambiguous uncharted territory.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Leadership



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