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Adriaan Kamp

Founder/ Director at Energy for One World

Scheveningen, South Holland, Netherlands

Founder and Director of Energy For One World

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Build Back Better in the Great Reset and our Decade of Action
January 12, 2020
Over the year 2020, and in the Corona virus crisis, our global leadership invented three drivers, three themes and slogans- and that are meant to help our world to a better place:
1. The Great Reset (due to Corona)
2. To Build Back Better
3. The Decade of Action
Now, nationally and internationally, governments, politicians, diplomats, institutes, bankers, economists, industrialists, businessmen and women, academics, scientists, educators, societies are giving their "own words and meanings"- their preferred or recommended lists- of what and where it is- our world needs and do: to build back better.
It will not surprise you- these lists (and action plans) are seldom the same, aligned and attuned- but have much in common in and between each other, and experts and scientists rightly ask themselves: will the change by our Leadership be timely, deep, honest and real enough?.
We have now 5 years experience with the program and deliveries from the Paris Climate Agreement, Energy- Economy Transition/ Reform and the UN SDGs.- and each of you may hold his or her own opinion.
But quite safely I could state: we are yet missing the point, the directness, the Plan, the organisation and the momentum to be good for our world.

If you believe that pushing harder at something that presently doesnot work, and needs fixing will do- please be my guest..

But I suggest you another way...

So, please receive these 99 Theses from my hand. I created and collated these - over the last decade and most notably this year - and based on this working practice, professional life-time experience and experimental discovery work on Global Change, Energy- Economy Architecture Transition, Paris Climate Agreement, UN SDGs and our Leadership, thereover.
These Theses are here to guide and inspire you- and in our joint wish and effort to Build Back Better- in our Great Reset and our Decade of Action.!
I am sure that governments, politicians, diplomats, institutes, bankers, economists, industrialists, businessmen and women, academics, scientists, educators, societies of good-will can come forward with their own 99 theses, honest and real.
And that is now exactly the point, and what, I Believe- we, our world, now needs and want
We want to deepen our understanding, inspire more open, creative and richer conversations, advance our learning, and organize and enable a true reform- of what today is becoming so clearly broken.

I welcome you to these 99 theses!

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Tags: COVID19, Leadership, Sustainability



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Adriaan Kamp