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Deepak Dube

CEO at Datanomers

New York City Metropolitan Area, United States

WIDE RANGE OF EXPERIENCE – CTO, IPsoft, (3 years); Distinguished Member Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs (16 years); Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science, New York University (2 years)
VISIONARY THOUGHT LEADER – Analytical thinker; Strong technical and business qualifications; Ability to cut through to core of the issue quickly and find innovative solution, simple enough so that it is understood and appreciated; Provide advanced technical solutions based on intelligent machines and data analysis that increase productivity and efficiency, boost revenue and fuel growth.
MANAGEMENT SKILLS – Provide consistent and effective management leadership; Understand client requirements to articulate relevant solution; Big proponent of teamwork – engage the entire team in product development, innovation. strategic planning, system engineering; Acknowledge team members for exceptional contributions.
BUSINESS EXPERTISE – Insight into current business requirements, future business vision for customers’ challenges; Use advanced technology to meet customer business needs; Manage budget and deliverables, refine the deliverables to fit evolving business, set expectations accordingly.
PROVEN TRACK RECORD – Led IPsoft’s small team of researchers to invent Amelia, a cognitive agent, recognized internationally in various deployments as better than solution from much bigger competitions with larger teams; Led Datanomers to invent Fraud Management System deployed at the largest global telecoms for automation; Most recently, worked with a small team to construct FinTech Risk Profiler, based on the intelligent machine, in record 6 months – from conception to successful first customer deployment.

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1 Founder
November 13, 2020
Deepak Joined Bell Labs as a Research Scientist in 1992 and Completed his Doctorate in Computer Science in 1994. He was a Distinguished Member Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs for 19 years; Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science, New York University, CTO, IPsoft, and now Founder & CEO Datanomers.

Very early on, Deepak saw the immense impact Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Machines would have on society; to see this vision take shape, he joined IPsoft, as CTO, and now most recently, Datanomers, as CEO, where he led the drive for "automation of enterprise process/workflows," for increasing productivity by predictive analytics powered by statistical machine learning. Today, this AI powered Intelligent Machine "works from the cloud," building smart apps for the enterprise.

As IPsoft’s CTO he led a team of researchers to invent “Amelia” ( a cognitive agent, recognized internationally and rated highly by Independent Industry Leading Analysts such as Gartner, Deloitte and others as outpacing competition. Deepak is a recognized leader in natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive science applied to business. At Datanomers Deepak coupled Machine Learning with "Big Data Analytics" to roll out Advanced Technology Solutions for better business insights, strategy and execution to a broad range of industry verticals for example: He convinced Telecoms and Financial Institutions, the power of Intelligent Machines to address their Business Challenges by Evangelizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, in particular unstructured text analytics, for driving efficiencies and boosting revenues. He led Datanomers team to derive innovative technical solutions based on Datanomers’ big data platform for cloud and premise based deployments to invent “FMS” Fraud Management System deployed at the largest Global Telecoms for Automated Fraud Detection; he also invented Real Time Credit Risk Solution “FRP” Financial Risk Profiler, based on “AI & The Intelligent Machine”- from concept, to successful deployment. Because of his innovations and vision Datanomers was named Top 25 FinTech of 2018 (

Deepak has several Patents and Publications and often speaks on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other technologies that he is passionate about. He pioneered Quality of Service for converged networks. His patents and research led to the implementation of voice-video-data networks. He may be reached at

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Tags: Analytics, Fintech, Innovation



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Deepak Dube

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