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John Friedman

Annandale, United States

BUSINESS RESULTS: Successful leadership of internal and external and communications with corporate responsibility; leveraging diversity and inclusion, environmental stewardship, health, safety, ethics and well-being, etc. into business models that increase efficiencies, engage employees, reduce costs, and manage risk.

REPUTATION ENHANCEMENT: Instrumental in helping 3 companies rise to the top corporate responsibility rankings for their business sectors, while achieving their business goals.

ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Integrates operational, financial, and cultural aspirations into cultures and best business practices through engaging and innovative programs that inspire people to action.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & INNOVATION: Author of "Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class" (Business Expert Press, April 2020) which combines practice and proven strategies with real-world examples to help businesses align their environmental, social and governance programs to their core strategies and build a culture that empowers and engages employees to achieve measurable results.

Key Competencies
- Strategy Integration and Alignment
- Engage Stakeholders to Action
- Innovative Use of Communications Tools
- Measurable, Tangible Results
- Established Credibility and Thought Leadership
- Collaborative Co-Creation
- International Experience

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Business Strategy 34.71
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Engineering & Construction
Oil & Gas
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2 Books
Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class
Business Expert Press
April 07, 2020
Managing Sustainability: First Steps to First Class provides a compelling case, real-world examples, and the tools to follow a proven strategy for aligning sustainability efforts with existing organizational priorities.
This strategy has taken companies from initial conception to the top of the sustainability rankings. Using examples from leading companies, readers will understand how to build—programs that drive results and enhance reputation.

Benefits include enabling companies to attract, hire, retain, and fully engage the best talent, seize the innovation high ground with new and premium products and services, provide access to socially responsible investment capital, implement “best practices,” earn license to operate, reduce compliance and regulatory costs, and more.

Includes the latest trend to go beyond the organization’s own “footprint” to integrate their values into their supply chains and build employee and customer loyalty by empowering these essential stakeholders to live their shared values.

Sustainability professionals or business strategists who are seeking to integrate effective programs that match corporate strategy with the purpose and values-driven initiatives that engage employees, build customer loyalty, and improve license to operate will benefit from the author’s more than 30 years’ experience in corporate communications, business, and corporate sustainability.

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Tags: Sustainability, Business Strategy, CSR

PR 2.0: How Digital Media Can Help Build a Sustainable Brand
Greenleaf Publishing
January 15, 2015
Digital media offer many of the same characteristics – immediacy, transparency and interactivity – that make one-to-one the most effective form of communication. And yet many organizations do not fully embrace them. They simultaneously underestimate and fear the power of digital communications. And yet these tools, when used strategically, can be an effective part of your communications plan.PR 2.0 will help you:

1. understand how the increasing emphasis on transparency driven by corporate responsibility has changed the ways that effective organizations communicate with their stakeholders;

2. develop a communications plan for your organization that reaches, and engages, the right stakeholders, using the most appropriate tools and channels;

3. demonstrate the value and “sell” the use of digital media to skeptical internal stakeholders, including in the c-suite, as part of your mission-advancing communications plan.

You can make the most of the irrevocable changes in the way people create, share, receive, judge and interact with information. This book offers real-world examples and practical tools to help your organization to live its values and effectively engage with those most essential to your success.

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Tags: Business Strategy, CSR, Sustainability

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