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Jennifer Kenny

Author • Speaker • Strategic Advisor • Mentor • Mobilizer in Innovation Mindset at Jennifer Kenny

San Francisco, United States

Jennifer speaks, writes and delivers transformational programs globally to emerging technology, research, energy, and mobility companies on Leading Human Innovation with a focus on the two biggest levers for innovation: gender-balanced leadership and mindset.

With over 25 years’ experience in strategy, leadership development and technology driven transformation, Jennifer has held senior positions with Accenture, Booz Allen and Gartner, senior executive roles with Wells Fargo and Cisco, UCSF, and was CIO at Stanford Research Institute. She is on the Advisory Board of

Jennifer was awarded the internationally acclaimed IDG DEMO Entrepreneurship Award, won the Intel/University of California Business Plan Award, and the ITLG Silicon Valley Top 50 Award. She is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Jennifer holds a M.Sc. (Hons.), in Engineering Geology, Imperial College, University of London, a B.Sc. (Hons), in Geology and Chemistry from University College, Dublin.

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1 Advisory Board Membership Advisory Board Member
April 01, 2019
VERSES is creating the protocol for the next generation of the web, connecting people, places and things, secured with blockchain technologies.

The VERSES Spatial Web Protocol is a universal and open standard for the next generation of the web that connects people, places, things and currencies into a single, digital network - The Spatial Web. With VERSES you can turn any location into a smart space, anything into a smart asset and enable cryptocurrency transactions in both real and virtual worlds.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Metaverse

2 Article/Blogs
Five Ways Listening Tours Make You A More Innovative Leader
December 20, 2019
In a moment when “innovation” and “disruption” are decidedly buzzwords, counter-cultural approaches are only natural. If we look beyond some of the dominant old-school attitudes in corporate culture, actively engaging empathy and sensitivity inside the workplace can offer new, dynamic leadership approaches.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership

Is Your Company Culture Toxic? Look For These Seven Red Flags
July 19, 2019
If your culture is toxic you’ll likely spot some key warning signs that indicate you have internal problems to solve. According to a panel of Forbes Coaches Council members, here are some big red flags that signal your culture is doing more harm than good—and how to approach solving them.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership

1 Book
Mobilizing Commitment in Your Organization: An Essential Competence for Leading Organizations in the 21st Century
Stanford Alumni Association
January 01, 1997
What is the most important responsibility of managers today? The answer is mobilization, says Jennifer Kenny, President of Emergent Management Consulting. Mobilizing your organization to meet a common goal requires gaining your employees' commitment to a shared future. Skills previously considered essential to success, such as problem solving, goal setting, and operations management, are by themselves no longer sufficient, says Kenny, if the organization lacks commitment, trust, and coordination. She outlines a new model where these principles are the cornerstone of all business processes and can be applied to leading an organization toward a unified and successful future.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Leadership

1 Book Chapter
What The Hell Do We Do Now?: An enterprise guide to COVID-19 and beyond
Kienco Pty Ltd
September 16, 2020
For all the talk of '2020 Vision' over the past few years, it turns out we had some pretty big cataracts.

2020 has been a year of significant disruption to organisations all around the world. By the end of February, bushfires, protests, riots, drone strikes, impeachment, and stock market crashes had shocked the world. Britain left the European Union, and the COVID-19 pandemic shook business, economy, and society to its core. The events of 2020 have profoundly changed our priorities and operations. In these times where business, society, and the economy are being reshaped, we have also seen people and organisations step up and forge their path into the Next Normal.

In What The Hell Do We Do Now?, 18 authors explore the tools and frameworks that can help you and your organisation navigate and emerge from crisis in better shape than when you entered it. The contributors draw on their own research across a wide range of domains including Psychology, Systems Thinking, Genetics, Strategic Foresight and Neurodiversity. The book follows the narrative arc of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Heroine‘s Journey, a journey of being thrust into chaos and returning transformed through the challenges faced.

If the events of 2020 have left you wondering What The Hell Do We Do Now?, this book will serve as blueprint to stepping confidently into our uncertain future.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation

1 Faculty Member
Advisor to the Executive Team, Tanri Abeng University
Tanri Abeng University
June 01, 2014
Jennifer served as an advisor to the President and the Executive team of Tanri Abeng University, Executive Center for Global Leadership, Jakarta, and was visiting faculty for their Advanced Leadership Program. She worked closely with Tanri Abeng and advised their Top 200 Leadership Program and helped prepare for investment.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership

1 Keynote
The Way We Work: Innovating Better Together
Women Transforming Technology
May 29, 2018
Beginning with an introduction to the current widely accepted understanding of leadership, and why this is very limiting when it comes to leveraging our own and our team’s leadership capacity, the richness of our diverse ways of seeing the world and our innate drive to create and innovate. Our focus will turn to Total Leadership and will explore:
• What are the origins of our current understanding of leadership and how is that limiting us?
• How do our differences lead us to engage in and approach work?
• What are the two halves of our leadership capacity? How do we leverage the other half to effective double our capacity to engage with and leverage others?
• What are some of the valuable skills and qualities that exist, that we are only peripherally aware of, and how do we engage with and support those?
• How do these combine to enhance not just our leadership but also our innovation capacity?

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Leadership

1 Media Interview
Jennifer Kenny, Speaker, Mentor, Mobilizer and Facilitator on Human Innovation
The Global Interview
March 02, 2020

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Leadership

1 Presentation
Mobilizing Commitment in Your Organization
January 01, 1997
What do you consider the most important responsibility of a manager today? For Jennifer Kenny it is the dynamic concept of "mobilization." The world has changed radically and companies are recognizing that skills previously considered essential to the success of an organization, such as problem solving, goal setting, and operations management, are by themselves no longer sufficient. Kenny offers a reinterpretation of current and historical business breakdowns, seeing them instead as the result of lacking the new essentials of commitment, trust, and coordination.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Leadership



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