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Paul Hobcraft

Transition Knowledge Provider at Agility Innovation

Locarno, Switzerland

I work as a transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems, and the energy system. I research across much of the need for innovation, in society, business and institution need looking to develop novel innovation solutions and frameworks where appropriate. I provide possible answers to many issues associated with innovation, ecosystems, and within our energy systems that are transforming our everyday landscape, offering a range of solutions and observations that underpin my advisory, advocating, coaching, and consulting work at

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Travels From: Locarno, Switzerland
Speaking Topics: Building Innovation Capability , Transforming the Energy System, Building Ecosystems for Business

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10 Article/Blogs
The need for Innovation in Energy
August 28, 2020
The significant shifts we are undergoing in the energy transitions today are allowing real innovation opportunities when you survey the innovation landscape.

The challenge is spotting and seizing these opportunities. There is a clear realization that there is significant complexity in all the energy transitions going on. Still, it is the researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs that can see the possibilities and ‘energize’ the innovative solutions are the ones that hold the energy transition future in their hands.

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, Renewable Energy

The hunt is on for strong spillover potentials within the Energy Transition
August 28, 2020
Recently the IEA published an important document called “Energy Technology Perspective- Special Report on Clean Energy Innovation,” which has set about establishing technology families and their potential footprint in the low-carbon value chain. A further one is planned sometime in September, to build further on this one

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, Renewable Energy

A future of uncertainty might be hitting us for any energy transition
August 10, 2020
We need to ask how will renewables and all of the future investments in the energy transition will fair when we have a cratering of oil and gas prices for some months (or even longer) and economic downturns that will take significant time to turn around?

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, COVID19

What we do need to consider for an innovation ecosystem design?
August 09, 2020
To facilitate the innovation ecosystem, I would like to suggest we should consider what I call my five considerations: 1) Stakeholder considerations, 2) Strategic considerations, 3) Value Design Building considerations, 4)Tactical considerations, and finally, 5) Network considerations.

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, Ecosystems

So how do I define an Ecosystem Design for Industry?
August 06, 2020
How do I define an Ecosystem design for Industry (IIoT) It is certainly not by giving an impressive list of services, technologies, or showing your IoT stack against someone else, all suggested by all those competing platform vendors and their partners, trying to show how they are able to solve your problems.

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, Ecosystems

The Diffusion of Energy
July 24, 2020
The critical point of mobilizing the energy transition comes significantly from the rate and extent of adoption of innovation. When you are attempting to undergo such an energy transition, the ability to recognize “adoption” of new solutions, technologies, or radically new designs of energy needs to be well understood to enable this to occur and give the market and consumer confidence. Let me explain this a little more in this post

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation, Renewable Energy

Context, Innovation and Being Ready for Change
July 19, 2020
Often we hear “location, location, location” as the mantra for the real-estate property. What should the mantra be for innovation? For me, it is “people, people, people” followed by “context, context, and context”. We have often heard (and it is totally right) ‘innovation only happens through people’. Everything else- systems, processes, structures, incentives, and investments- sets the context that defines how people approach their jobs. Context not only sets the stage, it gives us the reason to go and find the tools to get the job done but it is ‘our’ people who need to be motivated to go find them and apply them.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Change Management

The IIoT based platforms are becoming vital to support 4IR
July 18, 2020
Over the next decade, one of the most prominent aspects of digital transformation will be the creation of vast, interconnected ecosystems enabled by industrial B2B platforms. They can do this by enabling the “outcome economy”, which will reshape how industries are defined, how ecosystem participants interact, how stakeholders’ needs are met, and how value is created and shared.

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Tags: Innovation, IoT, Ecosystems

From MW to GW for Green Hydrogen
July 17, 2020
Just imagine Siemens have only just delivered their latest Gas Turbine, the Siemens 9000HL model recently in the UK to work in a combined-cycle plant. Weighing in at just under 1.1 million pounds (497,000 kilograms), it’ll rotate 3,000 times a minute and generate 593 megawatts of power at peak, likely for decades. That turbine could be argued is “the pinnacle of today’s combustion technologies.”( Bloomberg / Siemens).

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation, Sustainability

Ramping up Green Hydrogen
July 17, 2020
The plan in Europe is to take the share of Hydrogen from less than 2% to 13-14% of the European energy Mix. This is focusing on green hydrogen. This requires an Industrial scale Electrolyzer and today, we are not yet at that point. The Electrolyzer business needs a massive ramping up, no different than Wind and Solar solutions over a number of years.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation

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