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Elliot Schreiber

CEO at Schreiber & Company

Bethany Beach, Delaware, United States

Former corporate executive—Author, “The Yin and Yang of Reputation Management, and Co-founder, Strategy and Stakeholder Value Institute

Available For: Advising, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Delray Beach, FL during the winter and Philadelphi
Speaking Topics: Creating & Preserving Value Through Brand and Reputation/Risk Management; How Constructive Contention within the Boardroom and Between the Board and C

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Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: Brand & Reputation/Risk Management, Corporate Governance
Theatre: North America
Media Experience: 40 years
Last Media Training: 08/20/1999
Last Media Interview: 07/16/2020

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy 34.88
Change Management
Customer Experience
Management 36.14
Public Relations
Risk Management 37.49
Leadership 31.86

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2 Books
The Yin & Yang of Reputation Management: Eight Principles for Strategic Stakeholder Value Creation and Risk Management
Enlightened Enterprise Media
December 13, 2021
The Yin and Yang of Reputation Management focuses on the interdependence of all factors associated with value creation opportunities and the preservation of value. And it requires a new focus on Governance – the ‘G’ in ESG - because “corporate governance is of growing importance to any company wishing to establish and execute a coherent integrity agenda that encompasses a company’s values, regulatory obligations and voluntary commitments.”

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Tags: Management, Risk Management, Business Strategy

Achieving the Execution Edge: 20 Essential Questions Corporate Directors Need to Get Answered About Strategy Execution
SchreiberBart Group
July 24, 2013
The book focuses on 20 key questions that Boards should ask the CEO and executive team in order to assure outstanding execution of the corporate strategy.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Business Strategy

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Elliot Schreiber