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Brian Wee

Singapore, Singapore

Brian Wee is the CEO & Co-founder of FundPlaces.

Brian graduated from Imperial College of London with a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems. He has held senior positions in the financial services sector with notable companies such as Morgan Stanley and is serving on the Board of Directors at Ubertor and Hipflat. Brian is also the co-founder of 8capita, an angel investment firm which has significant investments in profitable companies.

Brian's latest project, FundPlaces is poised to be an up-and-coming Proptech company, FundPlaces democratises real estate investing using blockchain technology. FundPlaces has also developed FUDA, Fuel for Digital Assets. FUDA is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform developed to promote the digitisation and exchange of assets on the blockchain.

With such innovation in the blockchain space, Brian is certain FundPlaces can bring about a positive impact to the various industries. Apart from frequent meetups with industry professionals, Brian takes time to write weekly articles on LinkedIn to share his insights on interesting topics.

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5 Article/Blogs
Your View: Is Start-up Investing Risky?
June 29, 2018
It is now estimated that there are a total of 3321 startups in Singapore. Not since the tech boom of 1995, have we seen such a proliferation of new technology related business being set up. The local press cheers on the success of startups and entrepreneurs, and the Singapore government is placing a large emphasis on the importance and growth of this sector. However, does this mean that Startup investing is for everyone?

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Tags: Blockchain, Startups, PropTech

Informative: Blockchain Technology. What is it?
June 17, 2018
Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies are terms we’ve been hearing ever since the bitcoin boom in Dec 2017. People have invested in cryptocurrencies, most without even knowing what it is.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Informative: What Really, is an ICO?
June 01, 2018
Recently, I had a conversation with our intern about crowdfunding, when the conversation topic shifted to regarding ICOs, he mentioned: “frankly, as a layman, I would think of ICO as a scam”.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Your Views: Crowdfunding, Yay or Nay?
May 13, 2018
Crowdfunding on the internet, contrary to popular belief, has been around for a very long time. Dating back to 1997, British band Marillion achieved $60,000 in funding and subsequently used crowdfunding for their studio albums (Masters, Tim, 2011). Not so recently in 2008, Indiegogo was founded and thereafter the beginnings of the crowdfunding craze.

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Tags: Startups

Your views: Technology as an enabler or disruptor?
May 06, 2018
The use of technology has been spoken about as a disruptor instead of an enabler – Grab and Uber has successfully “disrupted” the private transport industry, Airbnb has “disrupted” home rentals and the hotel booking industry, both with the use of technology as the core of their business.

I beg to differ. Technology to me is an enabler – an enabler for greater things, for the greater good.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Startups, PropTech



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