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Edwin J.M. Janssen

Senior Partner at Sustainable Growth Associates GmbH

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have an in-depth understanding of (the relationships between) social, ecological and economic sustainability and know how to apply and translate this to strategy, innovation, leadership and technology. I achieve tangible results by future-proofing companies and innovate larger systems sustainably.

I bring 20 years of strategy & management consulting experience, a unique, proven view on innovation and a scientific foundation to back it up.

I've successfully advised and supported governmental (UN, EU, NL) and commercial organisations, ranging from large (international) corporates and mid-sized businesses to start-ups in various sectors, incl. finance, consultancy, chemical, fashion, manufacturing, construction, waste, personal care, tourism, energy and agriculture.

I co-authored and reviewed various (inter-)national publications and books (latest: Rethinking Strategic Management (Springer, 2019))

Available For: Advising, Consulting
Travels From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Speaking Topics: sustainability, strategy, innovation

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1 Book Chapter
Sustainability and Technology Acceleration: How to surf the killer waves - A systems thinking approach to become fit for the future
September 01, 2019
The book 'Rethinking Strategic Management' redefines strategizing in business. Throughout the book, well-known classic concepts are dissected to show their flaws and more modern alternatives are provided for strategists to #futureproof their business.

From Corporate Social Irresponsibility (0.0) and CSR 1.0 to CSR 2.0 by taking innovative 21st century ideas, frameworks, methods and cases to do well by doing good. Various strategy rockstars and lesser-known strategists provide valuable contributions and insights in why and how classic strategic management should and can be improved.

Our (stand-alone) chapter describes in practical terms the why, the what and the how of surfing the killer waves of sustainability and technology acceleration using a whole system-thinking approach to become fit for the future.

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Tags: Sustainability, Business Strategy, CSR

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Edwin J.M. Janssen