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Lineise da Gama

Founder at I Mean Digital

Lisbon, Portugal

Creative, curious, and passionate about delivering human-centered experiences.
Founder and author of I Mean Digital, a project to embrace disruption and unleash innovation in times of change.

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Change Management 33.04
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Digital Disruption 30.05
Digital Transformation 31.07
Entrepreneurship 30.22
Future of Work 30.05
Innovation 34.10

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3 Article/Blogs
Illusion of Transformation
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February 17, 2022
Why are many strategies not working? Why do some transformation initiatives fail to succeed? Due to the hype around the word transformation (digital transformation, business transformation, work transformation), many are fallen into the fake approach of what it means to transform. Change a

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Tags: Change Management, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

Are we wearing a transformation mask?
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February 17, 2022
A non-genuine transformation Since Covid-19, we’ve been pushed to challenge ourselves, and forced to disrupt the status quo, welcoming a more human approach to our daily lives. And the usual “we’ve always done it this way” operating model is attempting to get over (ac

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Change Management

We’re standing for innovation! What about you?
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February 17, 2022
Welcome to the Stand for Innovation by I Mean Digital. We ask big questions, we uncover hidden patterns, we trigger curiosity and awaken innovation. We revogue from non-human practices, and fake transformations. We don’t follow the obvious, we dare to be different.We have a challenge for you?

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Change Management

1 Book
Dig.I.Tal - Dig Innovative Talent
December 17, 2020
Why digital? What does the word digital mean to you?
There's no denying the world is evolving fast, and technology faster than anyone could ever imagine, and in times of change, the need for innovation is critical to thriving both for individuals, organizations, and societies.

We're undergoing massive transformations than we had in past years, and our future depends on our ability to reinvent ourselves. Lineise, passionate about creating experiences, will lead you on a journey that aims to reshape the traditional reading experience we are used to, showing that we can start disrupting and reinventing old ways of doing things welcoming more innovation.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Change Management

2 Founders
Wired Creative Studio
Wired Creative Studio
June 30, 2021
We are a hybrid creative studio that combines conceptual design, storytelling, and a human-centered approach to deliver memorable experiences.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Innovation

I Mean Digital
I Mean Digital
March 10, 2018
Supporting businesses, individuals and entrepeneurs creating heart-led innovation and purpose-driven transformation.

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Tags: Change Management, Digital Transformation, Innovation

1 Media Interview
Impact - Intimate Talk
January 06, 2022
Welcome to the IMD digest called Impact. A space to have intimate talks about purpose-driven transformation. Join Lineise and her guests as they explore the nuances of transformation (the opportunities and the shadow aspects) to spot patterns and disrupt the status quo to create purposeful transformations.

Issue 1 - Hybrid World

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Tags: Innovation, Future of Work, Entrepreneurship

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