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Chaitra Vedullapalli

Co-Founder & CMO, Digital Strategy, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Meylah

Greater Seattle Area, United States

Digital Strategist, Board Member, Forbes & YourStory Contributor, Entrepreneur, TEDx & Public Speaker, Strategic Partnerships, Top100 Global Change Leaders Seeking opportunities to contribute to public or private boards.

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3 Article/Blogs
Reviewing The Top AI Ethics Issues That Could Affect The Future Of Women In Tech And How To Combat Them
April 01, 2021
The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected, in many capacities, to be truly transformative. But as with any great power comes great responsibility. Therefore, it’s important that we shift our focus from the functional capabilities to the ethics and governance behind creating such powerful and potentially consequential innovations. And like with many other components of the technology industry, many of the barriers created by AI disproportionately impact women.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, Digital Transformation, GovTech

The Art And Science Of Using AI Technologies To Accelerate ROI Realization
February 09, 2021
What if artificial intelligence was capable of developing solutions resulting in the increase of the human life span to over 100 years? As exciting as it sounds, the complications in implementation are severe. Biologically, after a certain age, the human body is designed to deteriorate, affecting physical and mental well-being. However, using technology such as AI, we may be able to increase the human life span. There are many unexplored questions and possibilities technologies like AI will help answer.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, IoT

Shifting To Digital Economic Development To Support Local Businesses Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
December 04, 2020
As Covid-19 silently snuck around the world in early 2020, many business owners have had to pivot to adapt to the new normal. This means local businesses will be required to transact online to keep themselves afloat. Customers are demanding greater brand confidence, convenience and security while relying primarily on e-commerce transactions. Digital marketing will take precedence over traditional marketing, and online marketplaces will become the new normal for their inherent value to streamline the online buying process.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, GovTech, Business Continuity, COVID19

1 Founder
April 01, 2013
Co-Founder & CMO, Digital Strategy, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Meylah is a Cloud Solution Provider, Microsoft Gold Partner actively enabling technological transformation through cloud services for the enterprise brands,
1, Cloud Automation: Support enterprise companies to design a digital strategy to enable access to real-time data and analytics for their integrated marketing campaigns.
2. Speaker Engage: a cloud-based event platform for the enterprise that aims to minimize manual tasks and automate workflows throughout the event planning process, particularly around engaging speakers and event talent. It's designed to enable micro-actions that planners can perform easily and quickly. Speaker Engage is first and foremost an organizational tool that allows planners to manage their speakers, sponsors, and event resources in one place
3. Smart Tourism: Drives cities and states to launch smart tourism solutions using Cloud, AI & IoT to create economic access for local merchants.
4. Shop Local Business Management System: An economic recovery solution to help cities to easily launch Shop Local digital experience to enable discovery of local companies to ignite digital transactions especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, with ease.
5. iPayFlow: Supports brands to seamless onboarding and management of independent consultants to support remote workforce.
6. Multi-Vendor Marketplace: We help you launch multi-vendor powered marketplaces for companies and communities to curate their own marketplaces to ignite economic development.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, Digital Transformation, IoT

1 Industry Council Member
August 01, 2020
Council Member at Forbes Technology Council

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, GovTech

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