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Akash Takyar

CEO at LeewayHertz

San Francisco, United States

With the experience of building over 100 digital platforms in AI, Blockchain, Mobile and Cloud, Akash helps startups and enterprises to develop innovative products using emerging technologies.

Akash has a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, software development, Blockchain, mobile apps and the Cloud. Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies including Parker, ESPN, Nascar, P&G and Hershey's.

The inventor of the enhanced reverse geocoding algorithm patent #US8972167 to find physical addresses on the same street.

Akash is a technical architect, angel investor, gamer, author and inventor.

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Business Unit: Technology
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AI 30.26
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Entrepreneurship 35.02
IoT 30.06

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2 Article/Blogs
IoT App Development: Impact, Challenges, and Process
June 03, 2020
Mobile apps will be a point of connection for many IoT devices, and in this article, we explore how to build an IoT app of the future.

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Tags: IoT

A Complete Guide about Blockchain Implementation
December 31, 1969
If you have not started to experiment with the blockchain, it simply means you are behind the technology curve. Our comprehensive and step-by-step guide on blockchain implementation will help you understand the best practices to apply blockchain in your business use case.

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Tags: Blockchain, Emerging Technology

1 Book
Blockchain Technology and Business
February 02, 2019
The Blockchain Technology and Business Guide book help Business Executives, IT Managers, and Operations Consultants to understand Blockchain technology, its business benefits, and how it can be developed and integrated into their business.

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Tags: Blockchain, Emerging Technology

1 Founder
Intelligent apps for any IP Cameras
November 27, 2018 is the ecosystem that enables consumers to immediately access AI and increase productivity by using computer vision apps build by developers around the world.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship

1 Patent
Enhanced geocoding
March 03, 2015
An enhanced geocoding module may be used to determine various physical addresses located on the same street. The enhanced geocoding module may create a grid around a predetermined location and request the physical addresses of various coordinate points located on the grid. Additional features of the module may include a display that displays the grid with physical addresses located on the same street, various statistics related to a user of the enhanced geocoding module, and a color-coded scheme that indicates the status of individuals/groups located at the physical addresses.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Entrepreneurship

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