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Bobby Varanasi

CEO at Matryzel Consulting Sdn Bhd

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

LEADERBOARD - Recognized as among the world's top 25 Globalization Powerhouse Leaders.

AUTHOR - book titled HUMANOMICS - Making Sense of the Socio-Economic Impacts of Global Sourcing. Knowledge papers frequently published across global media.

ADVISOR - ICT Sector development, Global Sourcing, Growth/ Expansions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Business Transformation services, Blockchain implementation services etc for clients across multiple continents.

MEDIA MENTIONS - global media coverage by The Economist, fDi, Forbes, The Outsourcing, ZDNet, Computer World, CIO, ICT Media BV, Bernama, Siliconindia etc.

BOARD MEMBERSHIPS - various industry-influencing organizations (IAOP, GSC, MABC, World BPO Forum, TriSCA, AITEC) and select solutioning firms.

AWARDS - Top 25 Powerhouse Leaders in Globalization; Outsourcing Excellence Leader (2014, 2015, 2016); COP, COP-GOV; Matryzel's "top 20 world's best outsourcing advisory firms" recognition (2013, 2014 & 2015); Matryzel's "Best of the World's Best Outsourcing Advisors" recognition (2019).

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Speaking Topics: Strategic sourcing and globalization; Technology transformation; ICT sector development across nations

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Thought Leader Profile

Portfolio Mix

Company Information

Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Strategic management
Theatre: Americas (North and LATAM); Asia-Pacific-Oceania; MENA
Media Experience: 15 years
Last Media Training: 02/01/2010
Last Media Interview: 02/25/2020

Areas of Expertise

AI 32.74
Analytics 36.80
Business Strategy 35.61
Change Management 34.62
Culture 31.44
Customer Experience 31.19
Digital Disruption 31.91
Digital Transformation 30.78
Emerging Technology
Entrepreneurship 30.87
Fintech 33.03
Future of Work 38.97
Innovation 34.57
Leadership 30.62
Management 32.45
Mergers and Acquisitions
Risk Management
Sustainability 31.72
Predictive Analytics 32.36
Quantum Computing 33.80
Open Innovation 32.31
InsurTech 30.27

Industry Experience

Engineering & Construction
Federal & Public Sector
Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research
Oil & Gas
Professional Services

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1 Book
Humanomics - Making sense of the socio-economic impacts of global sourcing
Author House
February 01, 2014
Outsourcing has evoked innumerable emotions globally, spanning the spectrum of excitement to consternation. From job losses and cheap labor to cost savings and innovation, services globalization seems to have delivered on the promise. Technological advances have seemingly put sustainable development on a collision course with economic growth. Do commercial pursuits have room to co-exist with social well-being? Can we build profit-with-purpose models? This book addresses the opportunities, attendant challenges and the role that all have to play - corporations, governments and civil society.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Future of Work, Innovation

6 Founders
Convergence in developing nations
Wordlabs Global
September 01, 2019
This knowledge paper delves into the fourth industrial revolution, and its implications for socio-economics in developing nations. It focuses on all the aspects required to be concurrently developed, modified, enhanced and changed so as to create sustained, and inclusive development of ecosystems and attendant sub-systems, in an era where man and machine tend to co-exist in an uneasy manner.

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Tags: AI, Business Strategy, Future of Work

Man and Machine - the Future Awaits
Future of Sourcing
June 04, 2017
Knowledge paper on the changing trends in the global sourcing industry, disruptions and attendant complexities governing traditional delivery models.

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Tags: Analytics, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Black Swans - and the price we are paying today
Future of Sourcing
January 17, 2017
Knowledge paper focused on hidden complexities governing the rise and morphing of the global sourcing industry, its implications and the attendant black swans that tend to adversely impact organizations world-over, given an innate misunderstanding of the drivers.

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Tags: Culture, Customer Experience, Digital Disruption

It isn't a technology play
Future of Sourcing
November 07, 2016
This knowledge paper deals with how global business services are being shaped and re-shaped by technological interventions. It deals with the ambiguities surrounding modern technologies, the inherent rush toward adoption, the confusion around picking latest technologies without establishing consequences of outcomes et al are creating significant chaos and pushback. This paper addresses how to avoid falling into the trap of modernity and continue to pursue value.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Digital Disruption

Battle lines in the sourcing world
Future of Sourcing
April 13, 2016
Paper on the inherent confusions plaguing the provider marketplace, where traditional models continue to be pushed to their edge by new-age models. The issue of revenue cannibalization, driven by a need to move from input-based pricing to performance/ outcome pricing is also addressed here.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Leadership

Innovation and its dance with modernity
September 16, 2014
Emphasis on how innovation is being pursued, and positioned as the holy-grail if and only if technology is at its forefront. The confusion attendant, and value erosion that comes to play needs to be deciphered appropriately so as to minimize the chances of it becoming meaningless pursuits.

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Tags: Change Management, Innovation, Management

3 Keynotes
Next Big Tech
The Knowledge Group
September 16, 2019
Speaker and panelist for four panels focused on digital disruption; AI and big data; ethics in AI; collaboration and integrated business services at the NextBigTech Asia event for two consecutive years 2018 and 2019.

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Tags: AI, Fintech, Open Innovation

Man and Machine - the Future Awaits
Kingdom of Jordan
September 03, 2018
Keynote speaker at the Middle East North Africa 2018 forum (bi-annual) aimed at discussing various aspects around man-to-machine and machine-to-machine collaboration, advent of AI, big data and convergence with intelligent technologies, ethical considerations for AI, digital singularity et al.

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Tags: AI, Predictive Analytics, Quantum Computing

Impact Sourcing - Implications & Way Forward
Rockefeller Foundation
December 02, 2011
First ever global confluence of leaders on building an industry where purpose is clearly embedded into for-profit models; with sustainability and BOP inclusion as a priority through outsourcing models; creating employment opportunities for people from vulnerable communities (non-traditional labor pools) and attendant benefits (socio-economic) that can be garnered.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Future of Work, Sustainability

1 Media Interview
Innovation & utility value
APAC CIO Outlook
March 06, 2018
Emphasis is on creating sustained utility value with innovation and modern business models.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Future of Work, Innovation

1 Panel
Fintech - Transforming Banks
The Knowledge Group
June 10, 2019
A week-long event focusing on transforming banks through technology; with emphasis on modern tech like AI, blockchain (non-crypto), and other technologies to enable greater customization with financial services; discussions around collaboration between Fintechs and traditional banks; virtual and open banking; financial inclusion et al.

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Tags: AI, Fintech, InsurTech



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