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Madeeha Khan Yousafzai

Coach | Consultant - Agile | Scrum | NLP | Personal & Professional Excellence at House of Passion by Madeeha Khan Yousafzai

Lahore, Pakistan

I facilitate you to create a career and life you love and you deserve!

I am having 12 years work experience in Software Project Management Industry with key focus on People Empowerment by assuming roles of Mentor, Trainer, Consultant and Coach.

I am grateful for having hundreds of individual clients across the globe who are working in world’s best companies including Fortune 500.

Key domains are
Agile Mindset & Culture
Scrum Framework
Software Project Management
Personal & Professional Excellence
Mindset Transformation
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy

WHO I am - I am a Coach | Consultant | Trainer | Mentor in domains of Agile | Scrum | Software Project Management | Personal Excellence and Organizational Excellence.

WHAT I do - I facilitate you to create a career and life you love and you deserve.

WHY I do - It is my passion to empower people by helping them to find their passion, unlock their true potential and live a fulfilled life.

WHOM I work with - Corporate Professionals mainly in Information Technology industry who are looking to amplify their success and creating impact by living and leading with compassion.

WHAT problems I can solve for you with you - If you are looking
1) To Strengthen Your Mindset
2) To Build Resilience
3) To Build Compassionate Relationships
4) To Enhance Communication of Your Inner World with Outer World
5) To Resolve Conflicts
6) To Overcome the Daily Life’s Stress and Anxiety
7) To Gain Self Confidence
8) To Ace Mindfulness, Focus and Calmness
9) To Optimize Your Performance at Work
10) To Adapt to New Good Habits
11) To Leave Negative and Disempowering Emotions Behind
12) To learn strategy of Goal Setting and Goal Getting
13) To Transform Midlife Crisis to Midlife Awakening
14) To Find Your Passion and Purpose
15) To Live A Fulfilled Life with Gratitude and Grit
16) To Know How to Be Successful in All Areas of Life
Then I am your facilitator!

WHAT coaching models I use - I use following coaching models and interventions for which I am trained and certified;

GROW - Goals, Reality, Options, Will coaching model by Sir John Whitmore
ICF - International Coaching Federation Core Competencies Model
USF - Ultimate Success Formula for Goals setting created by Tony Robbins
TLT - Time Line Therapy by Time Line Therapy Association created by Tad James
NLP Coaching endorsed by Coaching Division of The American Board of NLP
SCARF model for Growth Mindset by David Rock & NeuroLeadership Institute.

WHAT services I offer - I offer following services;

Project Management Mentoring, Project Management Consultancy, Project Management Training in Waterfall, Agile and Scrum Framework for Startups, Government Departments, Software Houses, precisely overall IT sector.

I also facilitate for;
Mindset Coaching, Career Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Personal Excellence Coaching, Professional Development Coaching, and Time line Therapy.

Madeeha Khan Yousafzai
Mentor | Trainer | Consultant | Coach

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Lahore,Pakistan
Speaking Topics: Agile, Scrum, Project Management, Coaching, NLP Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Personal & Professional Excellence

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Professional Training & Coaching
Media Experience: 12 Years

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Change Management
Culture 30.24
Customer Experience
Design Thinking
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation 30.01
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Health and Wellness 30.09
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Federal & Public Sector
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3 Article/Blogs
Investment of Time and Money in Online Courses and Certifications
Madeeha Khan
June 01, 2020
Investment of Time and Money in Online Courses and Certifications

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Tags: Agile, Culture, Digital Transformation

How to foster Self-Respect ?and how to enhance Decision Making?
Madeeha Khan Linkedin
May 10, 2020
How can you practice self respect?
To respect your self, you need to know who you are, why are you, you! and what good things you do and you are proud of it.
This will make you to love your own-self and when you respect and love your self, than you wont settle for less and you wont be impacted if other people think different about you or are less kind to you.
Remember, people action for you are not about you, but it is about them.
Whenever, someone seems toxic/less kind to me, I say, that oh, this person is toxic to me because he/she has lived a life within toxicity, so may Almighty help him/her and I wont affect myself with his/her toxicity.
I have all empathy for that person and I will offer my help, if he/she is willing to live an empowered life.
Your thoughts please, how do you practice self respect!
How to take decisions keeping in mind your self respect?
Once you know your worth and value and purpose of your life,then it helps to make decision.
I feel confuse to take decisions due to certain changes in life, how to improve it ?
Please make a list of those changes with paper and pen/pencil, it should be handwritten, as it helps for good memory and deep connection with oneself.
What do you feel about those changes.
What were the things like before those changes.
Find out what is the difference.
Now once that list is there, you can also see that how do you used to make decisions earlier, here you will have discovery moments that what is changed and why….
Then you shall see what is in your own control and what is not, which means we cannot control other people, our circumstances (e.g. covid, weather, other people's behavior) , so lets decide what does bother us and what doesn’t, and how we can respond rather react to such situations, which bother us, ( means that make us feel less empowered.)
Train your brain in a way where you know how you are going to respond to situations which are not in your control, and it is do-able.
Also, if you find out that there are some issues, around you, due to some other person, then sit and decide if you can talk to that person, communicate it with them in right tone at right time, and resolve conflicts. But if you think that there is no such possibility to communicate, then only adapt to refine your own responses. It will help you.
P.S. Doing this activity is important, as important as brushing our teeth daily. We may do not see a difference why we brush teeth daily, but if we do not do it daily, and stop it, then we can see bad results within 2-3 days. ( Hope this example works, it is shared by Simon Sinek)
How to avoid self- pity feelings?
I will simply say, do not avoid it, face it.
we can only heal, when we deal with our issues. but it is just that do not dwell into issues or keep holding them.
Remember, once you love yourself, then be proud of it, rather pity for anything that was bringing you down.
When we self-pity ourselves, then we keep re-living our stressful past and it damages our brain and health each time.
Next time, when you think of self-pity, give a check to your brain, self-pity is sign of less empowerment, so I will not let it control me. I have survived and come out of those stressful times. .....
Write down this message on sticky notes, and paste it in your room/ mirror/or make mobile or laptop screencover that “ I am powerful, I love myself, I am awesome, I know how to stay positive, calm, and empowered all the time”
Another note can be, “ I deserve to feel proud of myself, as pity is for less-empowerment and it is not healthy. But I choose to be happy, healthy, and I know how to keep balance for my emotions.

Thank you & Regards
Madeeha Khan

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Tags: Culture, Health and Wellness, Leadership

Guidelines for Certified ScrumMaster — CSM and Scrum Fundamentals Certified — SFC Certifications
Guidelines for Certified ScrumMaster — CSM® and Scrum Fundamentals Certified — SFC™ Certifications
August 10, 2019
Guidelines for Certified ScrumMaster — CSM and Scrum Fundamentals Certified — SFC Certifications

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Tags: Agile

2 Speaking Engagements
Agile Mindset - Nail it then Scale it
XP 2020
June 11, 2020

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Tags: Agile

Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal 2018 for Agile Mindset : Nail it then Scale it!
Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal 2018
December 08, 2018
Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal 2018 for Agile Mindset : Nail it then Scale it!

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Tags: Agile, Culture

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