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Ange Anderson

Llandudno, United Kingdom

Author of ‘ VR, AR and AI in Special Education ‘ Leadership consultant. Keynote speaker.

Introduced innovative therapies and technologies into a Special school. Shared methods with other schools around the world. Speak at conferences around the world. Continue to inspect and support schools in their delivery of an appropriate curriculum. Author of educational books , educational articles and children's books.

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Learning Through Play for Children with PMLD and Complex Needs: Using Purposeful Play to Support Cognition, Mental Health and Wellbeing
January 31, 2022
This book examines the development of play skills and schemas to support children with learning differences and physical disabilities in learning to play. It highlights the need for appropriate playground equipment in all school settings that educate children with physical disabilities and sensory needs to ensure equal opportunities for outdoor play.

Several play approaches for meeting sensory needs are discussed including Lego therapy, Art therapy, Sand play and Soft play. Digital play for students with physical disabilities is an important chapter in the book. Role play and the ways in which virtual reality and psychodrama support anxieties that some students have is another important chapter. There is also a chapter devoted to parents on how they can support their child at home and how the school can support them.

At the end of the book there is a plethora of resources that readers can copy or adapt to suit their setting. The book provides support for those managing outdoor play for these children at peak times of the day. It shows how play-based learning can work in a classroom setting; the importance of sensory profiles and sensory play; and how play therapy can aid neuroplasticity.

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Tags: Health and Wellness



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Ange Anderson