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Andy Scott

Business Development at InvenTrust

San Francisco, United States

Experienced Business Development, Corporate Development, Strategy, Go-to- Market Executive with significant operational, advisory and new venture experience. Proven ability to develop and execute innovative business models through effective market identification, sales and negotiation. Multi- disciplinary skills including selling high value complex solutions, business development, marketing, fundraising, crypto economics, risk management/insurance and intellectual property strategy. Key advisor to senior management teams at high growth Blockchain, Legal Tech, FinTech, InsureTech, Enterprise IoT and Enterprise Software/SaaS companies both domestic and international.

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Areas of Expertise

Startups 52.08
Entrepreneurship 45
Business Strategy 35.74
AI 36.70
Blockchain 40.49
Customer Experience 30.17
Sales 30.25
Management 30.80

Industry Experience


1 Article/Blog
Understanding the Buyer's Journey -- The Essence of a Successful Sale
August 05, 2017

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Tags: Customer Experience, Sales, Business Strategy

2 Founders
Advisor and Co-Founder, InvenTrust
January 01, 2017
InvenTrust is facilitating a secure, blockchain enabled Platform that connects Intellectual Asset Rights Creators with Rights Users, via a unique Innovation Management platform. InvenTrust’s platform makes it easy to securely register know-how, connect with prospective users of such know-how, and thus creating the worlds first blockchain marketplace for assets such as patents, trademarks, code, key innovation talent, brands, trade secrets, and related corporate R&D assets.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Startups

Managing Director and Co-Founder
Pluritas LLC
January 01, 2002
Identified market inefficiency and launched leading advisory firm focused on sell side and buy side patent transactions for corporate, venture capital and inventor clients. Led business development and deal execution efforts that resulted in over 30 completed transactions valued at over $50M. Led Operations including Finance, Accounting and CRM implementation.

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Tags: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

1 Media Interview
AdvisoryCloud Featured Advisor Interview with Andy Scott
July 10, 2019

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Tags: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

1 Visiting Lecturer
Guest Lecturer
Kellogg School of Management
May 01, 2011
Annual lecture on the Patent Marketplace in Intellectual Capital Management course at Kellogg in Evanston.

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Tags: Startups, Management, Entrepreneurship



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