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Diana Firican

Founder and CEO at AHA Coaching and Training

Vancouver, Canada

Diana is a relationship coach, author of 3 books, speaker, yoga teacher, and helps professionals all over the world to have a smooth move abroad.

She lives with her husband George, whom she knows since she was 2 and he was 5, and their rescue cat, Rasta, who is more famous on Instagram than both of them together. Diana's life are her family and friends and is always there for a heartfelt advice and a good laugh, over a table full of home-made delicious food.

She has a project management, business analysis and change management experience in health and in oil & gas, in different countries in Europe and North America.

Having a tough time with her international moves and noticing that she wasn't by far the only one, she now helps professionals moving abroad to have a faster, cheaper and easier move to another country. She created the 1-stop-shop program Smoovster: For your smooth move abroad. Find all info and free resources here:

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Travels From: Vancouver, Canada
Speaking Topics: Moving Abroad, Relationships

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1 Book
Moving Abroad: The Essentials
Library and Archives Canada / Government of Canada
July 11, 2019
Decided to move to another country? Then this is the Guide for you. You’ll be guided step-by-step through the preparation, the move and accommodation in the new country.

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Tags: Culture, Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion

2 eBooks
Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden
Self-published and sold by: Services LLC
August 28, 2019
Moving Abroad: The Important, but Hidden: Everything you need to know to integrate faster and increase the quality of your life when moving (Smoovster Master Guides Book 2)

Contains the aspects that most people fail to see, but which make a huge difference in your and your family's level of happiness and fulfillment. You'll learn how to:
- Integrate efficiently in your new country
- Design your everyday life to suit your and your family's desires
- Take the most efficient steps to get your life going right from the start, while avoiding wasting time, money or energy on the less relevant things
- Be prepared of the unexpected and unpleasant surprises that most people experience
- Become aware of the less obvious aspects of the move that affect your quality of life directly
... and more

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

Moving Abroad: The Mental & Emotional
Self-published and sold by: Services LLC
August 28, 2019
Moving Abroad: The Mental & Emotional: Everything you need to know about managing your emotional stages, needs, relationships, risks and... and many more (Smoovster Master Guides Book 3)

Contains the aspects that almost no one thinks about regarding the personal side of preparation for this major change, such as how to:
- Manage your emotional roller-coaster
- Understand your and your family's key needs and how to satisfy them in the new context
- Be prepared psychologically for the change and having the right mindset to make it successful
- Nurture the most important relationships in your life, while creating new and long-lasting ones
- Mitigate the risks you're going to face successfully
... and a lot more

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

2 Founders
Smoovster: For Your Smooth Move Abroad
Smoovster: For Your Smooth Move Abroad
March 01, 2019
The Smoovster program is for you, no matter at what stage you are with your move

We show you step-by-step how to prepare for your move, from the moment you make the decision until you are fully integrated in the new country.

We cover all:
- Administrative
- Logistical
- Financial
- Social
- Mental
- Emotional
... aspects of your move, so you avoid expensive, time-consuming and stressful mistakes.

We created a program like no other out there. We included:
- User-friendly CHECKLISTS, to help you track your progress and keep everything under your control
- Heartfelt ADVICE and REAL-LIFE STORIES drawn from hundreds of emigrants, who have experienced a move first-hand
- Online and offline suggested LINKS TO COUNTRY-SPECIFIC INFORMATION, to save you from endless online research

This makes Smoovster your 1-stop-shop for a faster, cheaper and pleasant experience of moving to a new country.

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

AHA Coaching & Training
AHA Community website
March 01, 2018

It’s fun, positive energy, courage & useful information.

We publish articles, videos, courses & other resources.

We practice yoga and breathing, meditation, visualization exercises, we discuss relevant topics such as decision making, setting of intentions, relationships, creating new sustainable habits, and many more.

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

1 Influencer Award
Number 1 Thought Leader and Influencer on Diversity & Inclusion
Thinkers 360
February 03, 2020

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Tags: Diversity and Inclusion

1 Keynote
4 Key Components of a Memorable Speech: Workshop on Public Speaking
Google Developers Group - Cloud Vancouver
November 14, 2019
Too many speeches go by unnoticed, easily forgotten right after they’ve been delivered and having little or no impact on their audience. Do you want your speech to be remembered, to change people in a positive way and to have, through them, an impact in their lives and the life of others? Then let’s dive together into 4 key-components of a memorable speech, to insure that your valuable message gets out to the world.

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Tags: Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership

1 Speaking Engagement
Understanding Moving Abroad: What It Did to You
Culture and Economy Seminar of the Alumni Association of Mummert Foundation
September 21, 2019
Join Diana for a personal, sensible and thought-provoking talk on:
- What moving away from home does to you
- How you can use entrepreneurship as a cure for your soul and
- How to bridge the gap between countries, while "doing it your way", despite of the odds

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Tags: Change Management, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

1 Video
My Real Personal Story of My Move Abroad
Diana Firican on
November 26, 2019
Moving is rated among the top 10 stressors in a person's life! Well if moving abroad is stressful, how about moving to a completely different country?

In this video I am sharing how hard is was for me, i.e. the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and what happened then. Learn how to be successful, how to create the life that you are dreaming and looking for to build in the place you're moving to.

Only you can do it for yourself. And I've got your back!

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Tags: Culture

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