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Oleg Shilovitsky

Newton Center, Massachusetts, United States


I’m passionate about using technologies and building businesses that transform the way people work in engineering, manufacturing and enterprise.

Newman Cloud is a new business I started in 2016 with the with a mission to help manufacturing companies conduct more efficient business in 21st century environment. We develop openBoM ( - new cloud-based bill of materials and inventory management tool for hardware startups, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Beyond PLM ( is my social brand to share information and comments related to product lifecycle management (PLM), engineering and manufacturing software. Contact me about social media, strategic advisory and speaking opportunities related to engineering and manufacturing software and technology.


Engineering and Manufacturing Software. Enterprise Data, Information Management, Data Modeling, Semantic Technologies, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), Enterprise software, Startups.

Previous projects and work experience:

At Autodesk my focus was search and data technologies. Over the course of the time in different groups I was responsible for PLM360, Vault and Search.

I co-founded Inforbix in 2010. We built cloud-based semantic search and big data tools for engineers. We pioneered a new way for engineers to solve product data problems. Autodesk acquired Inforbix technologies in 2012.

I spent 10 years working for SmarTeam, Enovia, Dassault Systems. I held various positions in R&D group and company management. I led dev teams, working with customers and partners.

At Decision System Israel I developed data management and CRM applications. My team was developing components for Professional Help Desk (PHD) startup in Stamford, CT. Sold to CA in 1998.

In early 1990s, I was working for Autodesk reseller in Israel. I created AutoCAD apps, did pre-sale, customer support and training.

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5 Article/Blogs
Will Apps Become A Competitive Zone For PLM Vendors?
October 09, 2019
For many years, flexibility was considered as one of the most critical differentiation of PLM platforms. Companies were looking into flexibility as a key factor enabling the PLM system to adapt to a very specific set of requirements from customers. And remember, each manufacturing company sees itself very unique and different. So, flexibility was the key. Check the debates around customization vs configurations - most of the vendors announced they are "configurable", but no customization is required. In such a statement, the key comment was to associate "customization" with code changes, while configuration was considered no code and painless. Well…

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Tags: Supply Chain, Marketing, Business Strategy

Digital Thread Complexity - Can We Trust PLM To Manage Product And Customer Data Lifecycle?
October 07, 2019
The original article was published on my Beyond PLM blog.

Data is a new oil. Some people like this analogy and some don't. However, the fact is that manufacturing companies are drowning in data. CAD files, requirements, spreadsheets, multiple legacy databases - this is only a shortlist of data you can find engineering departments. If you move outside of engineering beyond the traditional scope of PLM systems, you will find even more data - maintenance, support, product sales, configurations, customer reports. There is a gigantic amount of information. At the same time, a very small amount of this information is actually making its way to PLM databases. There multiple reasons for that - historical complexity of PLM, focus on engineering and design, old infrastructure, high cost of licenses. I'm sure there are other reasons.

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Tags: IoT, Supply Chain, Marketing

PLM Spreadsheet Twin
October 06, 2019
Unless you didn't check any publication about engineering and manufacturing software for the last few years, I probably heard about Digital Twin. Vendors say it is a new technology and paradigm shift. You can find tons of analyst's researches and publications. Customers are carefully trying to dig in and understand what is behind the flourish marketing slides.

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Tags: Cloud, IoT

Heading to PI PLMx 2019 in San Diego - Digital Value Chain and Network Platforms for PLM
October 05, 2019
I'm coming to PI PLMx conference in San Diego which will take place next month in beautiful San Diego. Organized by MarketKey, this traditional gathering of PLM customers is unique because it is one of very few non-vendor PLM events. In the past, you might remember my presentations from PI PLMx Chicago - How to extract more business value from PLM and PI PLMx Hamburg - Tricky path towards network innovation.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Supply Chain

Can Siemens, PTC, and Dassault Systemes compete with Aras PLM?
October 03, 2019
Unless you lived under the rock and didn't look around for PLM news for the last decade, you should know Aras Corp. It was started almost 20 years ago and it made few interesting moves in the past decade developing a very unique model of enterprise open source. I wrote a few articles about Aras, so you can check them out:

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Tags: Startups, Supply Chain



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