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Todd Wilms

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Menlo Park, United States

I’m a huge fan of Emperor Palpatine (though not in a whole “dark side, kill rebels” kind of way). The Empire in its infancy was a startup and Palpatine, as a founder, was not only charismatic, but he systematically took over…well…everything. When you think about it, taking control of the Galactic Senate was a huge marketing coup orchestrated by a startup and completed with perfect execution.

I love a challenge – and as a CMO-turned entrepreneur, I created Founders Place as champion of dreamers, trailblazers, and visionaries. I understand what it’s like to have an idea and love working 18-hour days. The joy of seeing a concept come to life is simply indescribable.

With 50% of all new companies failing ? founders, entrepreneurs, and startups really can’t afford missteps.

Imagine this…you are founder of a startup and have gained great initial traction with your amazing ideas. Then, you find yourself trying to develop a marketing program, looking for an agency, or hiring your first marketing person. You’re spending less time doing the thing that you truly love and more time in the weeds. How, as a founder, are you supposed to navigate these minutiae while still growing your business?

That’s where I come in. Using my experience from PeopleSoft, PayPal/eBay, SAP, Neustar, and Verisign, I help folks with big ideas ???? conquer ???? the marketplace. Visit me online at to learn more about my book, podcast, blog, speaking events, and consulting services. And if you need a Fractional CMO, I can probably be persuaded to step in.

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Why I launched a project for founders:
October 23, 2018
It is the Golden Age of Entrepreneurism. 400M people around the globe started their own businesses. The vast majority will fail. Entrepreneurs work over 20 hours more per week on average than their employed peers. 82% invest their own money to start their venture. Less than 10% will be around in 5 to 10 years.

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

The New ABC: Always Be Changing
December 14, 2017
Any sales person or Mamet apostle will tell you that ABC stands for "Always Be Closing." It is a now parodied mantra of the motivated sales person. "'A' is for Always. 'B' is for Be. 'C' is for Closing. Always Be Closing"

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Tags: Marketing, Sales

The Evolving Language of Power and Predators
November 28, 2017
The Predator in Power problem is now being reveled as endemic. No longer is this just an isolated incident or a single industry that we can view like a side-show attraction at a zoo. We are no longer voyeurs to this problem. As every new day brings new charges, new allegations, and new admissions, we are finding we are no longer sufficiently equipped with the language to deal with this issue. Every conversation is now forcing us to evolve our language to describe, support, or address the issues.

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Tags: Culture

1 Book
Beyond Product
Morgan James
May 07, 2019
Most startups fail, even the ones with great products.

It's the Golden Age of the entrepreneur. Hundreds of thousands of new businesses are started in the US alone every year. A plethora of tools and platforms make it easy to bring new apps and services to life.

But a great product is not enough.

A great idea needs a smart strategy to reach the right market. In Beyond Product, marketer Todd Wilms brings over 75 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors together to help founders take their organization through each stage of growth, overcome obstacles and learn from common mistakes.

You'll discover:
What marketing work needs to happen long before a product is built
When to bring on the first marketing hire
How to find great resources--even on a budget
What founders should focus on at each stage of their growth
How founders can control their exit, even if it is far in the future

"THE marketing book for non-marketers. Startups, small business owners, even product managers at larger companies, this book is for you."

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing

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