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Anupam Kaushik

Founder at EdMonks

New Delhi, India

I wear various hats like a published author, a public speaker, an education futurist, a school branding consultant, a personal branding coach for school leaders and independent educators, a mentor whose first love as of now is the futuristic education.

? I help schools to improve their brand and increase the admission/enrollment by implementing the innovation and the right communication strategies.

As a person of business communication, It really feels nice, when School Leaders, who join my workshops on School Branding and Innovation Implementation, give me such amazing testimonials as If I have paid them to say those words. Do watch a few testimonials on my Youtube channel to understand the feeling.

? I also help entrepreneurs in education who have innovative solutions for schools to reach out to right kind of schools that are really interested in buying through my platform EEN | EdMonks Edupreneurs Network.

? And I am developing an Internet-based FREE learning platform for masses to get them ready for the VUCA future.

My entire career in past has been in selling Industrial Products in international marketing.

As a published author, I write around Futuristic skills, School Branding, Personal Branding etc.

I have been lucky to speak as an invited speaker at various conferences and events even including prestigious venues like Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Technological University etc on topics like future of the workplace, future of education, social entrepreneurship etc.

To know more about my Content, Communications and Communities, please write to me at

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: New Delhi
Speaking Topics: Future of Education, Future of workplace, Computational Thinking etc

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3 Article/Blogs
Educating the Education Leaders | Get featured on EdMonks THINK and help the education fraternity to make sense of the VUCA Future
July 26, 2019
How do we stop the strategic destruction of creative thinking, critical thinking, computational thinking, emotional thinking, social thinking and all sorts of thinking in our society?

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Tags: EdTech

The Untold Stories of School Leadership
October 18, 2018
Here in this article, you will get the following info

The project Details
The story of the making (of the project)

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, EdTech

All initiatives by EdMonks
October 17, 2018
This article will include the following four sections

About Anupam Kaushik
Programs for Individuals (working @ School)
Programs for Schools
Programs for Entrepreneurs (working in School Education)

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Tags: Innovation, EdTech

1 Book
How to help your kids THINK computationally?
April 21, 2018
It is a book written for teachers and parents to understand, how they can really influence the process of thinking of their young ones. It is a book that includes many games and activities to make an individual a better problem solver.

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Tags: Innovation

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