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Manuel Quiñones Ph.D International Keynote Speaker

Chairman of the Board - PCA at Quiñones & Partners Group S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

Manuel Quiñones Ph. D., MBA (International) / MC Master of Commerce, is an Author, International Speaker (USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Latin America), professor and Business Consultant with a wide and proven experience in management, projection and development of the sales department and marketing of various national and international companies, introducing products and services nationally and internationally.

Expert in sales coaching. Extensive knowledge and skills in the training of sales and marketing forces, through seminars, forums, meetings and colloquia at national and international level. Member of the Australian Institute of Management as FAIM and of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association. Has supported processes of certification and evaluation of companies. He has also collaborated as an academic partner in several institutions (Colciencias) and as a Full Professor as well as Core Faculty and Dean.
Manuel is a creative, dynamic, enterprising, strategist, excellent public relationsist, who speaks English. Master in NLP World Health Community and The Anchorpoint Institute. CII International Certified Coach. He has a notable international career as an entrepreneur, lecturer and teacher.

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Manuel Quiñones Ph.D International Keynote Speaker