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Juli Lassow

Owner & Principal Consultant at JHL Solutions

Minneapolis, United States

My particular area of expertise (and professional passion) is retail supplier partnerships and how they are the differentiating factor in today’s ever-changing retail landscape. If consumer product businesses want to thrive in these uncertain times, I believe, they must partner with fantastic suppliers who share their core business values. As the founder and principal of JHL Solutions, I help businesses navigate the complex world of global retail sourcing and private label product development.

Prior to launching JHL Solutions, I gained a deep understanding of merchandising, sourcing, and analytics – both locally and abroad – through 17 years in progressive leadership roles at the Target Corporation, the second-largest retailer in the U.S.

My extensive experience and proven track record have allowed me to cultivate a unique approach to developing sustainable strategies and innovative solutions, through consulting or coaching engagements, as well as seminars and training sessions.

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Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: JHL Solutions
Media Experience: 3 years
Last Media Training: 07/22/2019
Last Media Interview: 07/15/2019

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Consumer Products
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1 Article/Blog
Retail Sourcing of the Future
Retail Minded
June 19, 2019
Retail is changing. Fast. We’re not starting with anything that you don’t already know. But the changes in the retail landscape have an impact on how consumer products are sourced. And the best supplier partners find ways to elevate their sourcing strategies. Each year, each season, they become more efficient, while offering better value to their retail partners. Here are two key approaches to look for from your suppliers.

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Tags: Retail, Supply Chain, Sustainability

1 Founder
JHL Solutions
JHL Solutions, LLC
November 11, 2017
Retail is changing. Faster than ever. With that change, retailers are increasingly focused on data, analytics, and technologies to help them better understand and serve their customers. Retail suppliers are focused on trade dynamics, supply chain disruptions, well as their performance metrics and data, to increase efficiency and keep costs from rising.

But now these businesses are spending less time talking to each other and making progress on shared goals. The result is that fewer great retail partnerships are being formed. Fewer great products are being developed. And both groups spend too much time fixing mistakes caused by not understanding each others’ expectations.

That’s where JHL Solutions can help. We support retailers and suppliers in finding, developing products, and better negotiating with each other. Our clients see faster results, build greater value, and better products that their customers love.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Retail, Supply Chain

1 Speaking Engagement
Future of Sourcing
CUE4 the [un]conference
October 23, 2018
"If consumers are demanding more personalization, faster delivery times, and greater transparency, then something’s gotta give on the current sourcing front," explains Juli, "in traditional retail, production and distribution networks are based on a model dating from the industrial age, where 'creating more efficiency' and 'increasing production' reign supreme." In her session at CUE4, Juli walked through emerging trends from the consumer side in retail and then linked it to how it affects the way retailers and brands need to adapt the way they work with their factories, plan for sourcing, and even change operations due to macro trends like transparency and personalization.

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Tags: Retail, Supply Chain, Sustainability

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