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Casey Fleming

CEO at BlackOps Partners Corporation

Washington DC, United States

T. Casey Fleming is an internationally recognized senior advisor and keynote speaker specializing in governance and oversight of strategic risk including cybersecurity, corporate counterintelligence, and geo-economic risk. With a distinguished career spanning key sectors, he has consistently demonstrated his exceptional leadership and expertise in navigating complex challenges and emerging threats facing boards, CEOs, and the C-suite.

Serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackOps Partners Corporation, Mr. Fleming is at the forefront of strategic risk and corporate counterintelligence. Under his visionary leadership, BlackOps Partners Corporation has emerged as the premier partner for senior executives seeking cutting-edge solutions for strategic risk assessment, strategy alignment, cyber risk and exercises, corporate counterintelligence and business wargaming. Through tailored cyber exercises and business wargaming initiatives, his leadership has enabled organizations to proactively identify hidden risks, and uncover new opportunities within their operations and supply chains.

Notably, Mr. Fleming co-developed the revolutionary Invictus Gen4® platform, a dynamic risk and strategy tailored business wargaming tool. This innovation serves as a vital resource for senior executives, empowering them to identify and mitigate potential risks while capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

His extensive contributions extend beyond technology and strategy development. He is a prolific author, contributing numerous articles on strategic risk and strategy. His insights have been featured in conferences, media interviews, prominent publications, and as a TEDx speaker. His exceptional contributions to the field have earned him the title of Cybersecurity Professional of the Year from the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and the Directorship 100 Governance Award from the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).

Mr. Fleming's expertise is sought after by a diverse range of institutions, including the private sector, domestic and foreign governments, and academia. He offers guidance and counsel to Congress, the Pentagon, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Counterintelligence Security Center (NCSC), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), The White House and various other vital institutions responsible for national security and strategic decision-making. He also serves as an expert witness in matters of strategic risk, cybersecurity, and national security.

His professional journey has been marked by many outstanding achievements. He has held pivotal roles as a board-appointed turnaround executive for Silicon Valley companies, Managing Director for Deloitte Consulting's Global Risk and Strategy Group, and Founding Managing Director for IBM's early Cybersecurity Division, now known as IBM Security. His career began with IBM Corporation, where he laid the foundation for his expertise.

Mr. Fleming earned his bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University and later became an instructor within IBM's internal MBA program. He continued his leadership acumen through executive programs at renowned institutions such as Harvard Business School, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and IBM Corporation.

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Speaking Topics: Keynote on Risk, Strategy, Corporate Counterintelligence, Business Wargaming, China Risk

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Company Founded Date: 2011
Media Experience: 30 years
Last Media Training: 07/01/2022
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1 Analyst Advisory
"What Every Leader Needs Now"
Army Cyber Institute at West Point - Cyber Defense Review
November 15, 2021

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Tags: Agile, Business Strategy, Cloud

2 Article/Blogs
“What Every Leader Needs Now: In This Unprecedented Era of Global Competition”
Modern War Institute / Army Cyber Institute / West Point
November 01, 2021
The urgent case for corporate counterintelligence and business wargaming in the new era of global competition.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Leadership

The Secret War Against the United States
Army Cyber Institute / Cyber Defense Review
November 15, 2017
Review of the New Rise in Great Power Competition. "Companies are Now on the Frontlines in the Gray Zone Between Peace and War."

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Innovation, Leadership

1 Keynote
On the Frontlines of a War You Don't Know About | Casey Fleming | TEDx
January 01, 1970

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Legal and IP

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