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Rebecca Zucker

Founding Partner at Next Step Partners®

San Francisco, California, United States


I work with C-level executives and other senior leaders who want to expand their professional and personal capacity; to tackle bigger, more complex challenges; to grow as humans so they can grow as leaders; to cross new thresholds of performance.

I've had the privilege of working with senior leaders at Amazon, Clorox, DocuSign, Dropbox, Expedia, First Republic Bank, Genentech, Google, The James Irvine Foundation, Norwest Venture Partners, Nielsen, Morrison Foerster, Russell Reynolds, and Stanford’s Distinguished Careers Institute, among other organizations ranging in size from seed-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies.

I am also a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and on topics related to Career and Leadership Development.

My goal is to change the trajectory of people's lives and careers for the better. I’ve seen repeatedly that profound change on the inside is the only way to deliver meaningful and sustainable change on the outside.

I’ve been coaching leaders since 2001. My coaching style blends pragmatism with a focus on inner growth. I am both direct and supportive. I help others develop the soft skills that deliver hard results.

My life before coaching built solid business acumen that enables me to serve as a thought partner and peer to senior executives. I worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, led the strategic planning process for the EMEA Region of Disney Consumer Products, and led Learning & Development for the Investment Banking Division of Robertson Stephens.

I specialize in helping leaders:
• Rise above limiting beliefs and assumptions that hold them back
• Build their ability to lead themselves and others through change, uncertainty, and complexity
• Overcome overwhelm to create greater focus and clarity
• Engage in conflict in direct, timely, and constructive ways that move the team forward
• Get out of the weeds and to focus on higher-value strategic work

I am also a Founding Partner at Next Step Partners. We provide:
• Executive coaching for senior leaders to expand their leadership capacity
• Team development that transforms team culture and dynamics
• Leadership development that up-levels an entire cohort of leaders across the organization
• Career transition programs that build goodwill among an organization’s departing employees

I am happy to connect with any leader who is interested in growing their own leadership, that of their team, or broader organization.

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6 Article/Blogs
10 Questions to Ask Before Entering a Business Partnership
August 18, 2023
For many, a successful business partnership is among their most positive and significant relationships. Good partners can have a lot of fun together, become intertwined in one another’s success, and be great friends through life’s ups and downs. Overall, it’s worth taking the risk. It’s also worth being prudent and intentional at the outset so that you can immunize the partnership against future problems or end a flawed partnership before it begins. In this article, the authors outline 10 questions to ask early to save yourself immeasurable pain down the road.

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship

Want Happy Customers? Focus On Employee Experience
August 09, 2023
Unsatisfying working environments, procedures, and technology can destroy employees’ experiences at work. When the employee experience plummets, so does their commitment to the company, the customer, and the product. How much do the employees’ positive and negative experiences at work impact companies?

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Tags: Management, Leadership

Managers Are Burned Out. Here’s How to Help Them Recharge.
August 02, 2023
As a leader of leaders, you “create the weather” for your team. It’s your job to not only support your burned-out leaders, but also to keep burnout at bay going forward. In this article, the author offers six strategies to help recharge the burned-out managers on your team: 1) Recognize and acknowledge their burnout; 2) Create opportunities for personal connection both in person and virtually; 3) Re-assess, re-prioritize, and re-distribute their work; 4) Revise team agreements about how you all work together; 5) Touch base one-on-one with your leaders on a regular basis; and 6) Set the expectation with team members that they use all of their vacation time — it can be easy to put off or skip vacation when there’s so much to do.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

How Taking a Vacation Improves Your Well-Being
July 19, 2023

Making sure your employees regularly take time off is key to creating a more sustainable workplace. Research shows that taking time off benefits employees in three ways: 1) Mentally. Taking a vacation provides greater opportunity for rest and better sleep (both quantity and quality), which can help unclutter your mind to boost creativity. 2) Body. Relaxing on vacation can reduce the levels of your stress hormones and allow your immune system to recover, making you less prone to get sick. 3) Soul. While it sounds hokey, answers to life’s big questions — like “What do I really want?” or “What’s most important to me?” — are more likely to come to us when there is some space and stillness.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

Looking Back — and Ahead — to Set Your Team Up for Success
January 09, 2023
Learning and continuous improvement as a team require open discussion about what went well and what didn’t in the prior year, as well as realistically assessing potential pitfalls and opportunities that could lead to future failure or success. In this piece, the author outlines how to conduct both pre- and post-mortems to help your team increase its chances of continued success.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

How to Get Better at Asking for Help at Work
December 22, 2022
The hesitance to ask for help can keep us bogged down in more work than is necessary and is a key contributor to feeling constantly overwhelmed at work. In this piece, the author outlines six strategies for unlearning old, unproductive patterns that prevent you from reaching out for assistance when you really need it.

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Tags: Management, Leadership



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