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Lara Yeku

Nigeria, Nigeria

Lara's top strengths are relator, includer, connectedness, analytical, strategic thinker and futuristic. I demonstrate my natural abilities in addition to my functional expertise which I have grown over 12 years. I am a seasoned Human Resources senior executive with local and global best practices spanning across various industries. My experti...

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June 20, 2019
The only way to create great relationships and results is through servant leadership. It's all about putting other people first”. John Maxwell

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership, HR

June 02, 2019
Today’s rapidly changing, complex business environment requires organizations to move away from rigid and limiting processes to more agile and adaptive processes that will help improve their business performance. It is upon the premise of this need that Agile Coaching was developed.

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Tags: HR, Agile

To Be An Influential HR Leader, Be A Change Champion
June 02, 2019
An employee complains to HR about a particular administrative HR process that is time-consuming and frustrating to complete.

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Tags: Design Thinking, HR

May 16, 2019
Some weeks ago, I was invited somewhere to speak on Personal Branding. Although my audience expected me to talk about managing their social media pages with lovely pictures and nicely written quotes, all I did was to talk about branding using the value chain example.

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Tags: Design Thinking, HR, Personal Branding

*Design Thinking: A critical skill for the future of work* - Delivered by Coach Lara Yeku at *The HR Zone KSS*
May 07, 2019
The changing climate of the business ecosystem and the future of work poses the need for more and specialized talents in the workplace. HR professionals need to begin to rethink how we help our businesses and talents to better identify, understand and address challenges in an innovative way. Design thinking is a driver for innovation as it empowers HR professions to be solution-focused over process owners. For HR to be more relevant and innovative, there is a need for a paradigm shift in our we solve for our organizations.

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Tags: Design Thinking, HR, Future of Work

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