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Jasmine Glasheen

CEO at Jasmine Glasheen & Associates

San Diego, United States

Jasmine Glasheen is recognized as a leading influencer, writer, content marketer, and brand representative. She is a frequent contributor to many publications including prominent retail magazines and news sites, tech blogs, and numerous fashion and lifestyle trade shows. She is a contributor to The Robin Report, IBM, Sourcing Journal, and many others.

She has shared her generational insights at conventions including IRC, ASD,, Halloween Expo, and many others, as well as at regional meetings for brands such as Perry Ellis International.

Available For: Authoring, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: San Diego, California
Speaking Topics: Retail, Marketing, Generations, Trend-sourcing, Strategy

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Retail Content
Media Experience: 5 years
Last Media Training: 09/01/2018
Last Media Interview: 01/05/2020

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AI 30.10
Customer Experience 30.17
Retail 31.75
Social 30.19
Supply Chain 30.19
Startups 30.17

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7 Article/Blogs
Doing it Right: Mixed Use Retail Spaces for Millennials
The Robin Report
January 07, 2020
It’s time that retailers learn what real estate investors already know: Mixed-use retail spaces are the mall of the future. Mixed-use retail spaces refer to spaces with more than one function, such as: dining, grocery, fitness, leisure, pet care, coworking spaces, and/or medical facilities. And those real estate folks were definitely onto something when they named mixed-use retail spaces the highest-rated investment niche of 2017.

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Tags: Retail, Startups

Is Radical Transparency the Way Forward for Retailers?
June 27, 2019
How much should your customers know about the internal operations of your company? If your answer is “literally everything,” then you’re probably on the right track. Retailers whose offerings span the gamut – from shaving accessories to distilled spirits– are finding that radical transparency can give them a competitive advantage in their respective industries. While the State of Fashion report called radical transparency “a trend to watch” for 2019, radical transparency is more than just a flash-in-the-pan trend - it’s the way of the future.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Retail

AI in Customer Service: Not Always What You'd Expect
June 05, 2019
When you think about AI in customer service, what comes to mind? For many, the connection between these two isn’t necessarily a positive one: it can bring to mind past experiences with frustrating chatbots or dead-end call center automation programs. If these were the only applications of AI in retail, it would paint a grim picture of retail’s future. After all, AI use in customer service is on the rise and Gartner predicts that 25% of customer service companies will use virtual assistants by 2020. Luckily, these two examples don’t even scratch the surface of the potentialities of AI in customer service.

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Tags: AI, Customer Experience, Retail

The truth about online returns
January 29, 2019
I took part in Halloween Expo over the weekend where we held multiple panels and roundtables on the subject of retail. One of the biggest questions attendees were asking was how to handle customer returns. These Halloween retailers wanted to know how to handle it when customers wore their costumes and then tried to return them right after the holiday, and it seemed everyone had a different opinion about what was a reasonable course of action to prevent this from happening. Here are the options, as discussed:

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Tags: Retail

Customer Loyalty in 2019
September 20, 2018
Millennials get blamed for "killing" a lot of industries – R.I.P retail, real estate, social security, relationships, soap ... and Hooters. Yet amidst all of the supposed damage inflicted by my generation, for each retail company closing another 2.7 companies open stores. Cut us some slack, it only makes sense that we don't want to try to navigate our way through a 144,500 square foot Costco when we can go online and order the same products at a similar price-point. After all, most of us don't eat the stuff they pass off as "food samples" anyway.

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Tags: Retail

Social Media Advertising Worldwide
September 19, 2016
Ecommerce is today’s fastest-growing retail segment and social media is a catalyst for that growth. Advertising through social platforms is growing. Retailers realize the potential social affords them to increase their global brand visibility. Social media usage fluctuates by location and demographic, so it is imperative to know your brand and target audience before investing in advertisement.

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Tags: Social, Retail

The Staple Series: Neutral Boot
September 16, 2016
You can’t type “fall” into a search engine without being hit with a barrage of photos featuring combinations of skinny jeans, flannel button-downs and knee-high, neutral leather boots. And with good reason: the neutral boot is fall’s singular must-have wardrobe staple. The right pair of boots will help any warm weather ensemble retain its wearability well into fall.

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Tags: Retail



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