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Bill Sullivan

Wyndham, Virginia, United States

DISTINGUISHED FINANCIAL SERVICES EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT AND THOUGHT LEADER - Globally Recognized Leader, Deep Financial Services Domain, Extensive Primary & Secondary Research Expertise, and Superior Customer Focus

• Exceptional leadership skills and nearly two decades of proven track record leading multi-cultural teams in the U.S., Europe, & Asia-Pacific; as well as entrepreneurial background having successfully run own start-up for 3 years.

• Outstanding reputation as an executive strategy consultant, researcher, and thought leader in global financial services.

• Globally-recognized FinTech influencer, regular speaking appearances at leading industry conferences, and extensive set of interview experience with tier 1 and trade media.

• Extensive experience in enabling a ~2.5 billion Euro financial services consulting business via insightful and actionable market intelligence, customized primary research, and world-class thought leadership.

• Regular engagement with CxO clients and prospects to discuss banking, payments, wealth management, insurance, and FinTech industry trends, prioritize burning platforms, and identify opportunities to deliver value.

• High performer, with strong communication skills, demonstrated commitment, and success in building collaborative partnerships with clients and senior internal stakeholders across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific with a focus on results.

• Exceptional leadership skills
• Analytical and strategic thinker
• Robust organizational and communication skills
• Strong inter-personal skills and relationship building experience
• Background in hypothesis-driven strategic research (primary and secondary) and analysis
• Experienced focus interviewer
• Deep domain knowledge of financial services market trends
• Media trained public speaker
• Rated in top 0.1% of global Financial Services social media influencers
• Extensive experience with training and development
• Proficient in MS Office

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5 Article/Blogs
My Go-To Twitter List of Individuals to Follow in 2019
January 20, 2019
This time of year, we see the flooding of our Twitter feeds with "Top Influencers" lists. Along with those lists comes the many pats on the back of congratulations and notes of appreciation. We also regularly hear the whining from those who either didn't make the list or insist on challenging the definition of who is an "influencer" claiming they are more of an influencer because they "do" more than others on those lists.

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Tags: Social, FinTech

Top 10 Trends in Life Insurance for 2019
December 06, 2018
Last month, I shared our perspectives on which trends will have the highest impact on the Health Insurance industry. Earlier this week, we released our view on the top trends we believe will drive the Life Insurance sector forward in 2019.

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Tags: FinTech

Payments Top 10 Trends for 2019
December 03, 2018
Rising customer expectations, new and agile competitors entering the market, and regulators are pushing for increased collaboration and open ecosystems are all resulting in fast-paced disruption in the payments industry. Payments newcomers, ranging from FinTechs to BigTechs to Retailers, are offering seamless experiences while leveraging user data to generate deep customer insights and develop customized services. Incumbents needs to adapt with improved innovation and more effective adoption of emerging technologies such as APIs, real-time payment infrastructure, RPA and IoT.

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Tags: Customer Experience, FinTech, Ecosystems

Top 10 Health Insurance Trends of 2019
November 26, 2018
As part of our 2019 Top 10 Trends series in Financial Services, our "Top 10 Trends in Health Insurance 2019" is the first of our three Insurance-related reports released (P&C and Life to be released soon).

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Tags: Customer Experience, FinTech

Retail Banking Top 10 Trends for 2019
November 24, 2018
The Retail Banking sector is facing unprecedented change. Driven by a combination of changing customer behaviors/preferences, regulatory pressure, increased competition, and accelerated advancements in technology, banks face the question of how much investment and focus are placed on incremental improvements vs. innovative, disruptive change.

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Tags: FinTech

1 Keynote
The State of Play: The World FinXTech Report – Key Findings
Finance Connect
November 07, 2016
Bill Sullivan, Global Head of Market Intelligence at Capgemini, dives deeper into the World FinTech Report 2017.

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Tags: FinTech

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