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Catherine B. Roy

CEO and Founder at LHM International

California, United States


Catherine holds a Master Degree in Economics (Business Information Systems). She is CEO and Founder of LHM Academia and LHM Media, IT Expert, Internationally recognized Business and Personal Growth Coach, Bestselling Author and Human Potential Thought Leader.

Catherine is a MENSA member (with an IQ > 156 which can’t be further measured and qualifies her to be in the less than 1% of the human population).

Catherine enjoys the distinction of receiving the Top 30 Under 30 Award and is also an experienced business entrepreneur and IT system architect for the last 12 years, as well as a linguistics researcher with published scientific works in the fields of pragmatism, communication, speech and media manipulation and psycho-linguistics. Catherine is certified in the fields of positive psychology, assertive behavior, emotional behavior, emotional intelligence (EQ) and intelligence (IQ).

Catherine’s writings are published in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Simple Reminders, SRN, McGill Media, Positive People Linking, Shining Mentor Magazine, The Wellness Universe, Guided Mind, The Spirituality Post and many others. Catherine was featured as a guest expert at many summits. She also has been a participant and expert speaker at numerous international conferences in the fields of leadership, business development and international cooperation.

As the bestselling author of “Live from Your Heart and Mind” which hit the bestseller lists on its release day, Catherine is the guiding force behind the LHM team, its vast community and system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity and inspiring them to positive change and accomplishment. Catherine’s most popular quote reached 1.2M people in less than 10 hours. Her community counts over 200K followers and she is featured in many more online communities which count over 50M people in total.

Catherine's mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and use your gifts to change the world.

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Novi Sad, Serbia
Speaking Topics: Personal Growth, Business Development, Speaking: Digital Revolution - The Art of Expert Positioning Online, Mindset as the Key for Success and Fulfilm

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Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: IT services, Personal Growth and Business Coaching, e-Learning Platform
Media Experience: 13 years
Last Media Interview: 07/30/2019

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy
Design Thinking
Digital Transformation
Entrepreneurship 30.08
Future of Work 35.79
Leadership 32.15
Management 30.36
Marketing 30.38
Social 39.95

Industry Experience

Federal & Public Sector
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research

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6 Article/Blogs
The Courage of Believing in Self
May 13, 2019
It was 2008. I graduated from college two years prior and worked for a “dream come true” company in the city of my dreams. Since a child, I had wished to work for this company. I was satisfied and very dedicated to the work. I became awarded as a participant to many international conferences. Then the love of my life came to me and we started our lifetime together. For it became an incredible love and success story at that moment. I was happy, though, because I had experienced a very intense and difficult childhood, I had managed to turn it around.

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Tags: Leadership

Genius Entrepreneurship Advice From MENSA Member Catherine B. Roy By Henry McIntosh
April 12, 2019
Entitled “Genius Entrepreneurship Advice from MENSA member Catherine B. Roy,” a dynamic interview by Henry McIntosh of Catherine B. Roy was published on RiWeb. It is a very enjoyable read.

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Tags: Leadership, Entrepreneurship

Your Mindset is the Key
McGill Media
March 08, 2018
“If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” — Buddha
he moment we realize how magnificent each of us is, by being just a unique individual, is the moment when true change begins. The change is a call for attracting all goodness into our lives. However, before starting a change, we need to be aware of our mindset because our mindset can determine our future.

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing, Social

LHM Happiness Formula in 10 Easy Steps
October 08, 2015
Some people believe in a bright future. They think positively and life leads to Love. They are smiling and cheerful. It seems that they have everything they want.

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Tags: Leadership

A Key Thing is Missing in Most Self-Help Advice and it's Simple
October 06, 2015
We are the consequence of our past and at the same time the cause of our future. This means that right now we are creating our future with our every thought and with our every action. Let’s see how.

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Tags: Leadership

LHM Love Formula in 10 Easy Steps
September 17, 2015
Love is the eternal mystery of life. It is pure and unconditional state of your soul-self. If expectations exist in relationships that is not love, then it is ego-self who wants to be satisfied.

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Tags: Leadership

1 Book
Live from Your Heart and Mind
January 20, 2017
LIVE FROM YOUR HEART AND MIND (LHM) covers the most important aspects of life including balance, happiness, love, relationships, emotional stability, overcoming obstacles and solving personal problems. LHM algorithms are created as a personal guide. There are no two same persons and there will be no same solution; but LHM provides solutions for everyone! With LHM formulas and algorithms, the reader will increase emotional capacity.

Intellectual capacity increases with associative memory. Persons develop better long-term memory and cogitate facts faster. IQ training questions increase brain capacity by changing the way we think. This helps greatly with facts learned to never be forgotten. Personal growth, development and self-improvement, this is what Live from Your Heart and Mind facilitates and provides!

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Tags: Future of Work, Leadership, Social

1 Media Interview
Life Story
Think Natalia
July 05, 2019
Catherine B. Roy is a Human Potential Thought Leader, Bestselling Author, Personal Growth and Business Coach, MENSA member and Award Winning Artist and Scientist whose stimulating, upbeat and inspirational writings have helped countless people in the world.

Catherine’s writings are published in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Simple Reminders, McGill Media and many others. She was featured as a guest expert at many summits and as a participant and expert speaker at numerous international conferences.

Catherine enjoyed the distinction of receiving the Top 30 Under 30 award and is an experienced linguistics researcher, also certified in the fields of emotional intelligence and assertive communication.

As the author of the “Live from Your Heart and Mind”, Catherine is the guiding force behind the “LHM” system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity, and inspiring them to positive change and accomplishment.


But what happened before all of this? Find out in this life-changing interview by Dr. Natalia Wiechowski!

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Marketing



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