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Luca Solari

Professor at University of Milan

Milano, Italy

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Who am I?
I embraced innovation long before it became hype in management, therefore I bridge no-nonsense knowledge of actual business with originality coming from tech and innovation.
I provide positive advice to top manager on how to enact their strategies through powerful people centered initiatives and coaching/ mentoring. I act as individual mentor, partner at ThickLayers (a dedicated team to transform organizations and business), and professor in HRM and Organization design and innovation.
Think of me and ThickLayers as the bridge between your business and your future, a radically different approach based on co-partnershiup, design thinking, and internal branding
According to the Torbert model of leadership, I am definitely an Alchemist Leader

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Travels From: Milano, Italy

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5 Article/Blogs
Storie di ordinaria burocrazia: #PosteItaliane
December 28, 2017
NB: Questo è un post in cui tutti i fatti narrati sono assolutamente veri, anche se intrisi di (amara) ironia.

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Tags: Management, HR

#5things to do now for #Freedom_Management (plus ONE)
November 12, 2016
I know many are worried we are living hard times when it comes to feeling free. Threats abound from the political instability, terrorism, chauvinism across Europe and the USA to the uncertainty of the global economy. Corporate leaders have become so risk averse because of so many threats which did in fact come true. I sense this fear when we talk, so different from the roaring nineties.

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Tags: Innovation, Management

Falling Down in LA (thanks United, here I am: the customer!)
September 10, 2015
When Michael Dougals says: “Rick, have you ever heard the expression the customer is always right?” I though it could have been me yesterday here at LAX. We were flying back to Europe from San Luis Obispo, me, my wife, and my children, Enrico and Irene. We were scheduled to be in Milan in Italy on September 10, because Irene’s birthday is on September 11 and we had planned for a surprise party for her.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management

3 lessons on management from Italy
December 08, 2014
I know it sounds absurd. Italy is deep in a crisis, which is far from over. Any other day, some European bureaucrats or European partners voice their concerns on the country. However, Italy always enjoys a bright spot in the globe. We are sought for our made in Italy, our food, and our way of life, despite being considered laggards in management science. There are no management gurus from Italy, despite there being many Italian scholars who are known, and teach at leading US colleges. Italian management theory do not seem to sell these days...

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Tags: Innovation, Management

Why digital transformations fail
October 19, 2014
Many companies are embracing digital transformation as a way to react to the sharp change in the way people interact in the pervasive social environment enacted by technologies and mobile devices.

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Tags: Management, HR

1 Book
Freedom management
March 28, 2016

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Future of Work

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