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Mumbai, India


"Knowledge has to be in constant repairs". My current interests are #Digital distribution of life insurance, #socialmedia #fintech #banking #technology #blockchain and insurance #payments #communications.....

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Economics Over a Burger…again
July 22, 2015
The last time we sat together with our ‘Big-Mac’, we delved into the interesting things that the burger brings onto the table of our ‘economic’ discussion such as the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and other, this time we try to delve on the aspect of undervaluation and overvaluation of an array of currencies worldwide just by knowing the prices at which the ‘Big-Mac’ sells in the cafeterias of the respective countries.

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Tags: FinTech, Management

Customers of Tomorrow
May 10, 2015
A few decades ago the boundaries between financial intermediaries were too distinct, then came the era of financial sector integration and today we speak of inclusiveness which is fuelled by convergence of various forces that aim to provide an umbrella of customer solutions at a click. There is leapfrogging happening everywhere, mostly powered by technology. People have been elevated onto the mobile platform without having to participate in the landline revolution. This leapfrogging is causing a great deal of disruption in all industries and as such there is paradigm shift at an unprecedented speed, making it imperative for organizations to rethink, move on and to show up where their customers may be. This underlines the need to be agile and swift in providing an array of solutions.

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Tags: Customer Experience, FinTech

March 28, 2015
Yes, finance has been witnessing a whole new world order at below the lower bound with more number of bonds now throwing negative yields and the ‘interesting’ part is that they are actually selling, meaning that there are buyers and investors who are buying them. Years together we have been hearing economists on the right side of the zero arguing about the thresholds of the bound. However, we can now believe that yields can still go freewheeling much below or to the left of the zero. Finance thus opens up to another act, this time to the left of the zero on the number line.

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Tags: FinTech

Strategy? - Think crisp, Ask this….
December 07, 2014
While organizations seem relentlessly pursuing thinking on issues of strategic importance then don’t seem to get the naturally correct answer even when they ponder on the correct question. Important issues and initiatives that need formulation often consume more time and energy. Issues such as growing the business or capturing new markets or finding newer ways to deliver that are simply desirable seem to provide no clue or outcome except the storm in the cup.

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Tags: Customer Experience

Bank of Japan - Quantitative Easing
November 01, 2014
Just a week ago Janet Yellen had announced the end to the quantitative easing program that had started as a result of providing stimulus to the faltering economy after the financial crisis of 2008. The mammoth bond buying program that was started by the Federal Reserve resulted into pumping of $4.5 trillion into the economy, much of the liquidity thus infused did caused spillover to emerging markets and inflating the stock-valuations.

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Tags: FinTech




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