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With over 17 years of experience I focus on near-future, observations and actionable foresight. Working continuously to be a leading voice on a wide range of topics including digital transformation Fintech, Cybersecurity, Digital Banking, BI & Analytics.

As a skilled facilitator have specialized in multi-million technology-enabled business transformations projects around the World.

Multidisciplinary background:

Having always worked in IT since I was 16, I have a Masters in economics, in Information Systems, Public Management and I have always worked in combining Information Systems, technology, Management and Economics.

Areas of expertise:

Fintech, Digital Banking, Innovation, Strategy, Customer Experience, Business Development, economics, cybersecurity and executive coaching

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Big Data
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Aerospace & Defense
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Financial Services & Banking
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Innovation as a role: following the Fintech path from outside challengers into part of the Bank
December 28, 2018
Bank incubators and accelerators are a hype these days. They are the main source of new challenging Fintechs and other financial and banking disruptive business models. They seem to have al the ingredients to innovate in Banking and Finance that are harder to get from the big banking institutions themselves. Interestingly Innovation as a role or department seems to be following the same path as Fintechs themselfs did .Starting outside the Banks direct sphere and then making their way into Banks, Finance institutions and even Fintechs.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Innovation, Fintech

Fintech & Banking The Perfect Storm
December 22, 2018
It is amazing how in less than 15 years, we shifted completely from a financial crisis to where we are now. It was all so quick, we started by a consumer behavior change, then a Business Model shift and for now a complete installed changed paradigmatic Mindset. It even reached little personal details as monopoly, if you are used to play it you remember playing it with money right? Well kids now days can play it with a PoS and a card. Tomorrow who knows, maybe with a watch or some gaming cryptocurrency.

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Tags: Fintech

Banking as a Service - beyond brick-and-mortar into the future
November 08, 2018
2018 Is without doubt a year to remember as PSD2 brought the opportunity for banks and fintechs to explore synergies as never before. The open access to banking customers' financial data and the evolution of cloud services has enabled the development of completely new consumer-oriented products and services. This presents an amazing opportunity for banks and third parties like fintechs to work together. Taking advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs) to innovate, digitize and disrupt the market, they can enhance the customer experience, easily scale the product and service catalogue and lower costs (which is much more than banks and fintechs could do on their own).

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Tags: Fintech

Digital banking technology and trends: digitization
November 07, 2018
Are banks keeping up with consumer demands when it comes to digital banking offerings? Consumers expectations are focused on digital channels and banks can’t afford to ignore it.

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Tags: Fintech

After more than half year of GDPR and PSD2, are banks “there yet”?
November 06, 2018
The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which has been in force since January 2018, aims to modernize Europe's payment services and to benefit both consumers and businesses. ..

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Fintech, Privacy



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