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Chintan Oza

Mumbai, India

A Telecom Portfolio Management Professional with 18+ years experience in Government, Defense & Private Sectors. At present, working with Tata Communications as Senior Principal - Program Management. My current role involves Program/Portfolio management & strategic interfacing with stakeholders at CxO level. I am a team leader driven by building alliances and long lasting sustainable relationships.

Prior assignments include, deployment & upgrade of large scale, wireless network having multiple vendors and distributed teams spread across circles. Have program managed large scale Network roll out deploying Products & Services of various telecom vendors like Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Genesys, Comerse, HP & IBM.

# 10+ Yrs as lead/head of PMO, 14+ Yrs in PMO environment
# Projects & Program experience for Reliance & Tata Group, India's top two diversified industrial conglomerates
# Experience in Program Mgmt of Wireless technologies & disruptive technologies
# Experience in Opex optimization, Network Service Delivery, NOC & Managed Services domains
# Program Managed & won bid for first SmartCity of India - GIFT

# Program & Portfolio Management – interfacing Senior Leadership at Strategic level
# Process Life Cycle Management – for Network & Business stake holders
# Services & Vendor Management – for Issue Management & Resolution
# Play a pivotal role for Presentations & Report analysis – to facilitate strategy review
# Drive large scale deployments thru distributed, multi-national, multi-cultural teams
# PMO-Driving Stakeholder engagement and benefit realization
# Consistently high on CSAT, Motivation Index, Employee Engagement Index & Leadership Index

Strategy,Project/Program/Portfolio Life Cycle Mgmt, Technology Engg & Mgmt, Product Mgmt & Service Delivery, Sales, NPI, Innovation Management, Digital Transformation, Agile, ITIL, Six Sigma, Smart Cities, Blockchain, VR, AR, Mentor, IEEE, PMO, Keynote Speaker

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5 Article/Blogs
Blockchain in Telecom, why it's a win win proposition
November 16, 2018
I was introduced to Blockchain at a Moonwalk Project by my employer, Tata Communications last year. The word Blockchain drew my attention and I googled word Blockchain for the first time. Wow! the introductory information I came across helped me take a decision and I decided to volunteer and led a team of professionals from different functions to study Blockchain in non-fintech domain. We as a group of technology professionals further zeroed down and decided to study Blockchain fundamentals extensively and worked upon several use cases in Supply Chain & Healthcare industry.

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Tags: Blockchain, Management

10 interesting facts & features on Android's 10th Anniversary
September 30, 2018
World's leading mobile OS, Android recently celebrated it's 10th Anniversary. Android was created by Android Inc, a California based startup which was acquired by Google in 2005. In September 2008, Google released this mobile OS to the consumer market. On 22nd October 2008, the journey which started with the launch of first android device named G1 has taken over the world by storm. The creators of Android talk about their new open platform for mobile phones and the Open Handset Alliance - Let's have a look at this video.

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Tags: Blockchain, Innovation, Management

Hacking Happiness (Again) !
June 19, 2018
Hacking Happiness Again ! A refresher to life lessons from movie 102 not out.

Just watched a Bollywood movie 102 not out for the 2nd time and thought of writing this post. Started writing this article on Father's Day. It is dedicated to my father Dr Rohit M Oza and the cast/crew of movie 102 not out. The movie has an amazing star cast of millennium Super Star Amitabh Bachchan and Mega Star Rishi Kapoor. The story evolves around 4 characters...

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Tags: Blockchain, Innovation, Management

Why should you build a Chatbot for your business
April 13, 2018
Commands were the only medium to interact with a computer at the initial stage of the Computing era. Those were the days when we entered commands to compute. Many of the readers of this article would still remember quite a few MS-DOS 5.0 commands! Then came the WYSWIG/GUI era where we used mouse as an interface to give commands to the computer. WYSWIG era started with release of windows 3.1 and then it grew exponentially. Later came the era of gesture recognition and we used gestures to give commands to the computer/mobile device. Most of the millennials started computing in the WYSWIG era. Gesture recognition enabled humans to communicate with the machines and interact naturally without any mechanical devices i.e. the gesture we use to zoom into a touchscreen. Now is the era where we are using our natural language to interact with the computer/mobile device/bots. In this article, I would be sharing my views on the Chatbots.

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Tags: Blockchain, Innovation, Management

Let's meet LiFi, the future of Wireless
February 17, 2018
We are living in the Zettabyte era and moving towards year 2020, wherein more machines talking to machines than humans accessing machines. As per this Cisco whitepaper, annual global IP traffic will reach 3.3 ZB per year by 2021, or 278 exabytes EB) per month. In 2016, the annual run rate for global IP traffic was 1.2 ZB per year, or 96 EB per month. (above reference is 2 years old, wondering about the increase in data statistics by 2018

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Tags: Blockchain, Innovation, Management



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