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Ruby Nahal

California, United States

My core belief is that innovation is for everyone. And it can truly revolutionize a business. My mission is to make enterprise level technologies and security tools approachable to small businesses in Central Valley and to really raise the bar of technology for small to medium businesses. I aim to raise awareness about what is available for small businesses in terms of technology and how to design it to be compliant, innovative, resilient, feasible and affordable.

I am a solution builder at heart. And that is what i have done all my professional career. I am a cloud enthusiast and help businesses build solutions on the cloud that can revolutionize their business. I also love blogging, vlogging and building social media engagement.

Full-stack AWS Cloud Engineer, Solutions Architect, DevOps and experience in technologies including but not Citrix Virtual apps and desktops, Vmware, Office 365, Microsoft AD design and implementation, Netapp, Nimble.

- AWS Solutions Architect - Professional
- AWS Security Speciality
- Citrix certified Professional
- Vmware certified Professional
- Security+

All rounder infrastructure engineer with 10 years of experience, I manage/troubleshoot/build/migrate your AWS cloud environment, including but not limited to windows servers, databases, DNS transfer, hosting. I'm also be able to double check your current AWS stack against the AWS well-architected framework (cost-optimization, scalability, reliability, performance efficiency, security, and operational excellence). I can build your Citrix virtual desktop environment from scratch or help you upgrade from existing one. I can help you troubleshoot bottlenecks in performance. I can help you migrate from on premises exchange to office 365.

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3 Article/Blogs
How AWS Appstream can help schools rethink lab delivery.
January 15, 2019
I remember during my bachelor’s program back in India (it has been longer than I would like to admit), for our computer labs, we would get access to rows and rows of computers. Occasionally, there would be an out-of-order sign on one of the computers. Generally, we wanted to sit in front of the same computer we worked on the day before so we can continue on our work without having to copy it from our CD Drive. Times have changed with computer labs but as much as we would like to see.

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Tags: Cloud, Innovation

Why 2019 is a year of cloud adoption for small businesses?
January 07, 2019
By 2020 cloud computing will cross the $260 billion mark. That’s 44% growth in small business market alone.

Delivering services efficiently and achieving cost savings are the top two drivers of cloud adoption in small business. Gartner foresees double-digit growth in small business use of cloud computing. A new generation of managed services providers is emerging on the landscape.

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Tags: Cloud, Innovation

Why small businesses need to choose Infrastructure as code over physical server infrastructure?
December 26, 2018
My father was a small business owner. In the 1980s and 1990s he built and sold automated power starters for tube-wells for farm owners who lived in remote villages where power cuts were frequent. So twice a year (during the season), our family would start building these devices. Our biggest challenge was to predict the demand and build accordingly. We were not a big corporation. The budgets were tight and margins were acceptable. He could not afford to build and let the inventory sit on the shelves. Because it could mean we will be in the loss for the year. The product eventually evolved into something else.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Disruption, Innovation

1 Founder
August 01, 2018
With Cloudanize, the mission is to raise the bar of technological innovation in Fresno and central valley for small businesses.

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Tags: Cloud

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