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Peter Orban

Chief Commercial Officer at Augmate

New York, United States

Leads, builds and supports experience-led, tech-driven organizations globally to grow the share of problems they can solve effectively.

As business builder & commercial leader guides the development and implementation of effective, multi-platform strategy, tech-driven product/service and commercial programs while increasing profit contribution.

As a successful startup entrepreneur, having delivered various products in Data-Driven Merchandising and Mobile Video Messaging, operates effectively in unstructured, fast-paced, tech-driven environments.

As a digital strategist, consultant and thought-leader in mobile, social, AR/VR analytics and marketing technology, helps organizations profit from change.

As a culture creator and effective talent spotter builds & nurtures consistently better teams across cultures.

Distributed Ledger Technology |Digital transformation | Digital Product Management | Startups | Innovation | Mobile Marketing | Mobile advertising | Brand Building | Marketing Operations | Project Management | Marketing Technology | Process Improvement | ?Marketing Strategy | Strategic and Financial Planning | Budget Management | P and L | ?Campaign Development | CRM | Omni-Channel Campaigns | Strategy? and Project Leadership | Complex Analysis | Campaign Performance | Reporting? | Product Management | Brand Management | Brand Positioning | Market Research | Communications | Innovation Management | Account Management | Account Leadership | Client Leadership | Client Leader | ?Customer Experience | Integrated Marketing | Customer Lifecycle Management | ?Digital | Website | Content Development | Email | SEO | SEM | Data Governance | Relationship Management | Key Liaison | B2B | B2C | Mobile Research | Mobile Measurement | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Extended Reality | Native Advertising | Mobile Video |Insight Generation | Analytics | Blockchain | IOTA | Martech | ICO | Tokenization |
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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Product, Partnerships, Marketing, Sales, Support
Theatre: Global
Media Experience: +20 years

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AR/VR 30.66
IoT 30.36
Digital Transformation 30.03
Innovation 30.09
Marketing 30.08
Customer Experience 30.05

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5 Article/Blogs
'Madtech' & Market Research: Friends or Foes?
March 07, 2016
Whether #Martech eats #Adtech, they merge or continue to coexist one thing seems to be clear - we are looking at a the new, data & software fueled marketing world order and market research doesn't have a clear role in it.

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Tags: AR/VR, IoT

New wave in digital advertising
April 28, 2015
It’s been a little over 20 years, since the first digital ad appeared. It was an enthusiastic and idealistic time when the early practitioners hoped it was possible to create advertising that is as useful as a service: a content experience that delivers true utility. For the record, the first banner (created in this spirit for AT&T) delivered a 44% click-through rate.

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Tags: AR/VR, Digital Transformation, IoT

Change in Marketing will never be as slow as it is today
April 21, 2015
This is not an easy trivia: the worlds largest IT investor is ... (tada!) ..Walmart! By a long shot, actually. Walmart's $10.6bn IT spend is nearly the double of the second place finisher: Bank of America's $5.33 billion investment (according to IDC estimates)

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Tags: AR/VR, Digital Transformation, IoT

The APPification of Marketing
January 26, 2015
It was almost exactly three years ago when Gartner Inc. predicted that the CMO would spend more on technology than the CIO. Today’s alphabet soup in marketing conversations well illustrates the radical transformation taking place: CDP/DMP, SSP, WEM/WCM, UX, DSP CRM, SEM, API, RTB, EMM, SEO - quick, which one doesn’t belong here?

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Tags: Innovation, Marketing

Is “UX” the right paradigm for measuring Native Advertising effectiveness?
September 08, 2014
You can't even avoid hearing about Native Advertising these days. But, just in case, here is the “skinny”: it is advertising that aims to be cognizant of its context while delivering intrinsic value, in a highly a transparent manner.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation



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