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Joseph Paris

Owner/Founder at XONITEK, Operational Excellence Society, Readiness Institute

Frankfurt, Germany

Joseph F. Paris Jr. is a recognized thought leader on operational excellence; an international entrepreneur; a prolific writer; and a sought-after strategist, consultant, and speaker with engagements around the world. His book, “State of Readiness” (May 2017) has been well received and endorsed by business leaders from highly respected companies – with operations around the world and across industries – and promises to be a definitive work on the field of Operational Excellence.

Having over 30 years of experience in international business and operations, he is routinely called upon to offer guidance to C-suite and senior executives and business-operations and -improvement specialists who wish to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations. He is highly valued for his ability to provide strategic insight and tactical analysis—and to convert these thoughts into reality by successful engagement and execution.

With a focus on improving the performance of companies and the conditions of those who work there, Paris is regularly sought by companies to help analyze and formulate their strategic vision, to design the tactics necessary to achieve their goals, to identify and organize the logistics necessary to support the plan, and to lead the execution phase. He is sought by companies and academia to explore and address the challenges and opportunities of today and illuminate and predict those of tomorrow. He is highly valued for his ability to squelch-out the noise and provide strategic analysis and tactical insight leading to successful deployment and execution.

Although he is an expert in the more granular facets of the discipline, he places a special emphasis on the cornerstones for success: the engagement of people and instilling a leadership culture as part of the company’s DNA. His end-goal is to help create high-performance individuals working in high-performance teams for high-performance organizations.

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5 Article/Blogs
Professional Development and Networking using Social Media
November 13, 2018
If you are reading this, you probably engage in professional networking on social media. And if you are like me, you have been engaging for a very long time.

The motivation is probably similar to mine. You want to learn and understand what’s going on in your profession, your industry, your community – and probably the world at large – so you can remain aware and up to date on the latest information and knowhow.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

Transformation vs Disruption
October 18, 2018
Transformation… I am hearing more and more talk about how companies are seeking to transform themselves, or that they are launching a transformation initiative. And as expected, there is the corresponding increase in transformation conferences, symposia, articles and books.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption

The Fault Lies Not in the Stars, but Within Ourselves
August 31, 2018
I hear all too often from professionals in Continuous Improvement how “Senior Leadership does not give me the support I need”. Some go further by making the claim that “Senior Leadership just doesn’t understand”. And some go further still and make the suggesting there is a conscious, if not curious, effort by senior leaders to sabotage the Continuous Improvement programs.

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Tags: Sustainability, Leadership

Eliminating Waste - Scheduling
July 03, 2018
If you ever find yourself saying; “There must be a better way”, I can guarantee you that there is. All we must do is find it. And, once a successful solution is suspected, try it. And when found, implement.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

8.5 “Must Know” Career Tips & Tricks (v.Done)
June 08, 2018
I have been an entrepreneur and in business – nonstop – since 1985. And over the course of those 30-plus years, I have gained a lot of experience. But as the saying goes; “Experience is the most difficult teacher, she gives the test first and teaches the lesson after.” So I can say, with some degree of certainty, that I have made every mistake a business person could make. Sometimes, I would repeat the mistake just to be certain.

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Tags: Management, Leadership

1 Book
State of Readiness
May 17, 2017
The company of today has its supply chains and finances stretched further around the globe than ever before while simultaneously having increasing pressures to drive value across a complicated and fluid set of metrics and deliver innovations, products, and services more quickly and reliably. The competitive advantage belongs to the companies that can quicken their vision-building and strategy-execution efforts—the ones that can identify challenges more swiftly and accelerate their decision making so they are better able to formulate and deploy responses decisively yet with greater agility. To successfully accomplish this, companies will have to prioritize creating a culture of leadership that strengthens communication skills and emphasizes systems thinking by building capacity and capability that cuts across the business smokestacks and permeates the entire organization.

In State of Readiness, Joseph F. Paris Jr. shares over thirty years of international business and operations experience and guides C-suite executives and business-operations and -improvement specialists on a path toward operational excellence, the organizational capability and situational awareness that is attained as the enterprise reaches a state of alignment for pursuing its strategies. In doing so, create a corporate culture that is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance and the circumstances of those who work there—a precursor to becoming a high-performance organization.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership, Management



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