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Hugh Shields

London, United Kingdom

I write about the universe. I do magic. I think about AI for all our tomorrows. I am a thought leader in finance. Senior Scholar of the University of Cambridge, I started out in Economics and am a member of The Royal Economic Society.

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ICAS calls for debate among investors on the future of corporate reporting
August 01, 2018
ICAS is seeking the views of investors and other stakeholders on a new model of corporate reporting. The new model will set out a better benchmark for the assessment of directors’ stewardship. ICAS believes that reaching a consensus amongst stakeholders is key to restoring trust and relevance for the future of corporate reporting.

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Tags: AI

2 Books
Einstein, Jung and The Theory of Everything
Library X
December 07, 2018
This book describes a “theory of everything” which is founded explicitly and directly on Einstein‘s thinking. The relevant two key pillars of his thinking are, firstly, his insight that all time is relative and, secondly, a view of the world which Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. By combining these two ideas, this book explains the existence of parallel universes among each of us at a sub-conscious level. This book also indicates that man has free will, while at the same time acknowledging that planetary motion is predetermined, as predicted by Einstein. Finally, the book acknowledges that, at the atomic and sub-atomic level, activity is not so pre-determined. Why does this matter to you? As described in chapter 5, once we realise the importance of the collective unconscious, we have the possibility of tapping in to universal wisdom. And when we do this, we may experience the joy of life in a way which reflects a deeper order of things and not a series of random events. This is what it means to be truly lucky.

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Tags: Social

Hawking, Einstein and Work
May 14, 2017
My new book "Hawking and Einstein Go To Dinner" is now out on Amazon. In this imaginary conversation between the two great scientists, you can learn a bit about the universe and you can also find out what they thought about work and life itself. Buy and enjoy!

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Tags: Leadership, Future of Work

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