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Matthew Lieberman

CMO at PwC

Los Angeles, United States

Matthew is the CMO of PwC US/Mexico and is an innovative executive at the crossroads of marketing, media, and technology.

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5 Article/Blogs
Empowerment, Delight And Conversions: Virtual Worlds For Marketing
July 21, 2022
It’s an exciting time for marketers since a lot of thrilling technology has reached the tipping point; it’s ready to enhance your reach and might even make your job more fun and creative.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR, Innovation

How To Make AI Marketing Initiatives Actually Deliver
May 24, 2022
How To Make AI Marketing Initiatives Actually Deliver

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Tags: AI, Innovation, Marketing

What Marketers Need To Know About The Metaverse
March 18, 2022
The metaverse is hot these days—maybe a little too hot, since some of the biggest ideas aren't quite ready for prime time. But some metaverse concepts are real right now, and tech and marketing teams are integrating them into their plans. Other parts are about to get interesting soon.

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Tags: AI, Marketing, Metaverse

What The Future Of Work Means For Marketing
October 06, 2021
If you’re a marketing leader, the future of work is on your mind. How can you build, retain and empower the most effective team when the war for talent is fierce? How will new ideas be shared, tested and implemented in a remote and hybrid work world? How can marketing technology (martech) help? How will you gain the added agility you need as marketing continues to rapidly evolve? And how can all this disruption make you a better business partner, helping drive revenue growth and proving it?

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Tags: AI, Marketing, Future of Work

Marketers: Don’t Let Your Company Fail At Cloud — Lead In These Four Ways Instead
July 15, 2021
If your company is like most, you’re moving to the cloud. But for some, this move isn’t paying off as hoped. Our recent survey shows that most executives get it: Cloud is about growth and innovation, better decisions and a better customer experience, not just cutting costs. But what about when it comes to realizing this hoped-for payback in a substantial way? More than half say it isn’t happening yet.

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Tags: AI, Innovation, Marketing

1 Board Membership
Communication Technology Management (CTM) Board Member
USC Marshall School of Business
July 01, 2016
Marshall’s Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) at the University of Southern California (USC) is an industry funded initiative focused at understanding the evolving pressures that will reshape the way we live our lives and conduct business in the 21st century. CTM is unique in that it uses its academic pedigree to do primary market research and uses those insights to create a forum for leaders in the digital industry to discuss the issues that are reshaping our interconnected markets from a business perspective.

The CTM mandate is to 1) understand the issues driving market trends and bring those findings to the CTM membership, 2) to hold forums to uncover emerging trends and bring that back to our stakeholders, and 3) provide educational opportunities for the CTM membership in an effort to maintain a forward looking market focus. At in-person events and virtual meetings, insights are discussed within our consortium in order to identify perspectives on potential impacts that have the potential to alter market trajectories. Our goal is not to be a research shop, but to be a powerful resource to identify nascent and emerging trends that will redefine our collective markets.

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Tags: Management, Marketing, Business Strategy

1 Executive
PwC - CMO - US/Mexico
July 01, 2018
Combining advanced digital insights with traditional marketing and communications acumen while leading a large cross-matrix team, Matt is responsible for PwC US' Marketing strategy and execution. Quoted often in the press and published often on Marketing evolution, he is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, is a Quartz Pro, is a frequent speaker at conferences, and is a judge in industry competitions. Matthew resides in Los Angeles but can most often be found on a plane (pre-COVID and hopefully again soon).

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Tags: Marketing

1 Media Interview
Diversify your Portfolio with the CMO of PwC US/Mexico Matthew Lieberman
Marketing Trends
November 25, 2020
Matthew Lieberman, CMO of PwC US/Mexico, discusses the future of sponsorships, and the importance of diversifying your ad spend.

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Tags: Marketing

1 Video
PwC Releases 2018 AI Predictions For How To Shape Business Strategy
December 01, 2018
PwC just released a new report on AI predictions and how it will help share business strategy in 2018. PwC's advisory marketing leader Matt Lieberman sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to discuss how businesses can start to implement these strategies and what it means for overall industries.

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Tags: AI, Marketing, Business Strategy

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