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Sr UX Manager at Mercado Libre

Medellin, Colombia

Juan has been leading, managing, coaching, and building high-performing teams for over ten years to create impactful and engaging digital products. He has been focusing his career on product design for e-commerce and retail, and he is presently complementing his experience with an EMBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Juan holds a UX Master certification specializing in UX Management and Interaction Design from the Nielsen Norman Group. He is a Speaker, a Contributor to the UX Collective on Medium, and the Chair of Interaction Latin America 2019.

Juan's work has been featured in TrendLand, Fashion Served, Fubiz, Flavorwire, For Print Only, Abduzeedo, Threadspot, Junk Culture, and Trendhunter among others.

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Medellin, Colombia

Academic 0
Author 3
Influencer 43
Speaker 0
Entrepreneur 0
Total 46

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Experience Design
Theatre: LATAM
Media Experience: 22 years
Last Media Interview: 12/15/2018

Areas of Expertise

Design Thinking 30.28
Digital Transformation 30.03
Innovation 30.13
Leadership 30.03

Industry Experience

Consumer Products
Financial Services & Banking
Travel & Transportation


3 Article/Blogs
The power of Designathons
July 03, 2018
Inspired by hackathons, and realizing that a Designathon is not a Design Sprint per se, I came up with a plan that is still a work-in-progress as I keep iterating and asking for feedback from the UX/UI team here at Yuxi Global. So far we have done six Designathons and they have been received very well by the team and the company.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Leadership

Design Thinking’s two-edged sword
UX Collective
March 28, 2018
Design Thinking has won a Pandora’s Box reputation that people are starting to hate without even knowing what it is and what it is not. By this, I mean that IT IS NOT A PANDORA’S BOX and you’re not unleashing a mythological monster or unlocking the gates of hell.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Creating a vibrant community of UX Designers in Medellín.
January 23, 2018
I’m pleased and humbled to announce that I’ve just become the Local Leader of IDF Medellín at the Interaction Design Foundation. This means that, in the coming months, I’ll be taking up the responsibility (and pleasure) of building a vibrant and meaningful community of UX Designers in Medellín.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Innovation




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